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Heading for the mountains and a season in the snow with some work thrown in? Don't forget to get insured. NEW

If Winter 2018/19 is your one to spend out in the mountains, this one's for you.

We first of all wish you the best of all seasons with snow a plenty.

Also good heath, to enjoy all the riding and fun the mountains offer.

To ensure you have the best time, PlanetSKI shares some 'wisdom' on what is needed for a successful time.

And (sorry to be the buzz kill) what we say first and foremost is getting the right insurance.

This way, after its sorted, you can relax, knowing you have the best cover and care (should you need it) to enjoy all of the resort and sport.

Going into the season like...Going into the season like...

So, we've spoken to MPI Brokers, the ski insurance specialist, to find out more about what you need and what is often lacking in winter sports cover.

The simple message?

"Young or old, working or not, seasonal insurance is a must-have."

If you go abroad on your own and look for work and accommodation with snow sports on your doorstep, you will need to get travel insurance.

Seasonaires typically work as nannies, chalet staff, ski instructors (and trainees), bar staff, cleaners, and in each there are risks.

Or even if you're just there for the sports, you'll definitely need on-mountain cover.

And off-mountain cover for that matter - don't they say most skeirs break their arms slipping down in resort rather than on the planks performing and at ease?

Ok, ok... You get it.  We're sticklers for the insurance.

Let's get some expert facts.

MPI Brokers Director Michael Pettifer shares some:

"When in a ski resort ask the seasonaires in the bars or cafes what kind of insurance they have.

"A worrying number don't have any at all - 50% of those we speak to are without a policy."

Maybe because of the NHS in the UK, British seasonaires don't think about accidents that can happen away from the slopes.

"One thing to know is that a tourist policy doesn't cover you for working."

"Even if you pay local tax, or it comes out of your wages, it doesn't mean that the state will cover you."

France will not take you off the slopes, or get you an ambulance, uninsured.

It can be scary when you know the facts.

It's not too late.

MPI's concern over the number of seasonaires without insurance has lead to the company taking on insurees while already out of the country and in resort.

So, if you've already set off for your winter abroad, MPI Broker will let you take out an insurance policy - a very rare find.

MPI BrokersSeasonaires - make sure you're covered

What to do

Look for a long-stay (seasonaire) policy covering your travel and activities on your trip, from the initial departure until your return home.

As a winter seasonaire, you should check that your insurance covers off piste, snow parks, mountain rescue and personal liability.

If you plan to work, make sure you are covered for it as well.

To help you prepare for your season, here's our suggested checklist:
  • Check your EHIC is valid
  • Advise your bank and mobile provider
  • Check your travel insurance is in place
  • Buy plenty of pairs of socks
MPI's wintersports seasonaire cover has no days limit within the insured period, it will cover skiing or snowboarding on or off-piste (with our without a guide), local ski racing and skiing in snow parks, plus of course working cover.

There is no personal liability cover whilst working, as this should be covered by an employer and might be a good idea to check with them.

There is now cover for your liability when ski hosting, leading or teaching in a voluntary capacity and babysitting in a private capacity.

So don't put it off any longer.
'Remember it's not the cost that matters but the cover that counts.'

That's the MPI motto and ours at PlanetSKI.

When it comes to healthcare and properly protecting ourselves in the mountains, using ski professionals to do so is the sensible way.

Get the best coverGet the best cover - and enjoy!

Ski specialists - MPI website - insurance overview:
  • Working and volunteering cover
  • A choice of three packages
  • Emergency Medical Expenses up to £5 million (incl. piste rescue)
  • 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance and repatriation
  • No limit on number of ski days
  • Snowpark cover
  • Ability to extend cover whilst overseas
  • Amateur Mountain biking option
  • Cancellation cover due to FCO warnings
  • Most unplanned sports and activities covered
  • Loss or damage to baggage, including cameras and iPod
  • Bereavement cover
  • Personal liability
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