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Game of Thrones is coming to the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, but not quite as fans of the TV series would imagine.



Tuesday December 4, 2018 - Edited and updated on Saturday January 5th 2019

It comes in the guise of sculptures, thrones, carvings and bedroom suites, following the Game of Thrones theme but everything is made from ice, and found in the the cold surroundings of a ‘Snow Village'.

The Lainio Snow Village sits close to the ski areas of Levi and Ylläs, some 200km deep into the Arctic Circle.

It's a magical world made of ice and snow that is created afresh every year.

Using approximately 40,000 m3 of snow and 400,000 kilograms of ice over an area of 20,000 square metres, it takes 50 construction workers around a month to build the Snow Village, and to complete its interior carvings.

All the work is dependent on the outdoor temperature that needs to be below zero.

Blocks of crystal clear ice are taken from nearby frozen lakes and carved by ice sculptors from Russia, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine, and in previous years from China.

Some of the familiar sculptures from the TV series include an ice replica of the Iron Throne, ice swords, a White Walker with glowing steely blue eyes (they're the creatures who dwell north of The Wall in the frozen region north of Westeros).

There's also a gruesome looking gallery replicating the Braavos Hall of Faces.

The Braavos Hall of Faces - (photo: Snow Village Facebook)The Braavos Hall of Faces - (photo: Snow Village Facebook)














Ice replica of the Iron Throne in the Ice replica of the Iron Throne in the "Snow Village" (photo: Snow Village Facebook)















In addition to the Game of Thrones themed rooms, the Snow Village includes snow suites, an ice restaurant, a couple of ice bars, a very slippery ice slide and an ice chapel.

Yes, around 50 couples do get married in the stunning, yet freezing cold chapel during the winter months.

You can spend the night too, watched over by a creepy looking White Walker!

A White Walker in a bedroom suite - Game of Thrones (photo: Snow Village Facebook)A White Walker in a bedroom suite - Game of Thrones (photo: Snow Village Facebook)















The blurb says you can ‘'Spend a cozy yet thrilling night in the Snow Hotel".

We agree the experience would be thrilling, though ‘cozy' is not the word we would use to describe it.

PlanetSKI has stayed in the "Snow Village' and enjoyed the experience immensely, though we found the sleepover somewhat chilly.

The full experience with the ice bar, fine dining in the restaurant and sleeping on ice beds in ornate rooms is charming but cold.

One thing is for sure, like Jon Snow (one of the main protagonists in Game of Thrones), you will need to wear your furs to keep warm... though the synthetic variety will do too.

Game Of Thrones Map (photo: Snow Village Facebook)Game Of Thrones Map (photo: Snow Village Facebook)















#WinterIsComing - The Snow Village opens for visitors daily from 12th December 2018 until mid-April 2019 after which the structure and sculptures begins to thaw.

The latest video below was posted on 17th December 2018 showing the latest sculptures.

And in case you're wondering just how the sculptures are created, watch the video below showing the artist in action.

The video below shows some of the sculptures and some of the rooms in the Game of Thrones themed Snow Village from 2017/18.

Watch below to see how the Snow Village is built.

Read about PlanetSKI's visit to the Lainio Snow Village in 2013,

Game of Thrones season eight (the final season of the long running TV series) returns in April 2019, followed by a prequel that is expected to debut a year later in 2020.

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