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Many more people are travelling independently & by-passing the tour operators. But don't forget to get insured.

There are legal and financial risks going DIY, so you may want to mitigate the down side.

The specialist insurance provider, MPI Brokers, has been insuring skiers and snowboarders for many years.

It has a detailed knowledge of the industry and covers pretty much everything - on and off piste.

See below for an earlier PlanetSKI feature on what the company offers to us skiers and snowboarders - and particularly those working a season:

Ensure you are correclty insuredEnsure you are correclty insured












Here are five tips from the MD of MPI, Michael Pettifer:

Tour Operator

When booking with a Travel Organiser and Tour Operator as defined under the Package Travel Regulations 2018 (‘PTR18') you have the protection in law for events and losses you may experience or incur.

Doing a DIY leaves you less avenues of recourse, which is fine as long as you know this and accept the risks.

Financial Security

The bedrock of PTR18 (sorry about the jargon) is to provide a financial safety net.

You pay up front for your trip, maybe as much as six months in advance and should the firm go bust there will be, or should be, some form of Bond or insurance policy in place to pay out if this happens.

If not, the directors may have committed an offence.

Should any supplier of the TO go out of business, this is their problem, not yours and in doing a DIY these risks fall to you.

So; you can accept it if you consider the risk to be low (actual and or financial) or insure it.

Some Travel Insurance policies will cover ‘End Supplier Failure'.


A Tour Operator is responsible for the performance of the trip or holiday, in other words if the TO or a supplier fails to perform their duty the TO could be liable.

Also in the event of injury if you have not booked with a TO your options are reduced as you have no protection under PTR18.

Travel Delays

The TO is now responsible for delays where he has arranged the travel element which in the past would have fallen to the customer.

But not to worry, the DIYer can insure these risks with MPI Brokers

Wintersports Insurance

It is a requirement under PTR18 that TO's either insure all customers, or signpost to a suitable policy.

It is thus perfectly reasonable for TO's to place in their T's and C's a requirement that customers must have insurance.

The DIYer will therefore miss having this nudge to get insurance and may forget.

Accidents happenAccidents happen

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