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Heavy snowfall, lift accidents, GB sporting success, Brexit impact, drunken mayors & resort visits. So, which came out on top?



The single most read story on PlanetSKI in 2018 was a straight news story about a lift accident.

It is what we do - news.

No spin and gloss, just reporting the facts.

It had 22,600 people read it back at the end of March 2018.
We all take lifts and are interested when things go wrong.

The accident happened in Pra Loup in France, but luckily no-one was hurt.

Accident sceneAccident scene













And not far behind was one on the subject we get most views by miles, snow.

And the ones we like.

Our daily stories on the snow, and there was quite a lot of it last winter as you may recall, regularly receive 10,000+ views.

This one from back in January 2018 came second and had 19,434 people read it:

It was rather snowy in Italy you may recall:

Livigno, ItalyLivigno, Italy




















And our editor, James Cove, was in the thick of it in Zermatt and brought you this video report in the story:


And we're pleased to say one of our resorts visits took third spot.

We visited our favourite ski town in North America... Banff in Canada.

To ski its resorts of Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Mt Norquay.

Perhaps our speciality here at PlanetSKI is our resort visits so we're particularly pleased they do so well - the visit to Banff had 17,630 people read it last February and was the third most popular story of 2018.

Delirium Dive, Sunshine Village, CanadaDelirium Dive, Sunshine Village, Canada















Sunshine Village, Banff, CanadaCanada
















Here at PlanetSKI we criss-cross the mountains and rarely have a plan of what to write.

We tend to just rock up - open our eyes and ears and see what happens as we cover it all live and in real time.

Not surprisingly the impact of Brexit and changes to EU rules on seasonal workers scored heavily.

16,767 people read this one.


Again we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry and what is going on behind the scenes and we try to report it as it is.

And there was huge interest in sport.

It wasn't a surpise that this one about the GB Olympic bronze medallist visiting Scotland did well with 14,356 people reading it and came in at No 5.

Billy Morgan mixing with the localsBilly Morgan mixing with the locals




















Of more surprise was the number of people seeing if telemark skiing was going to make it to the Olympic Games.

16,221 were interested enough to read all about it.

Louis HatchwellGB's Louis Hatchwell in Telemark action















Avalanches and accidents are always of interest.

We try not to report them in a sensationalist way, but rather to report the facts and urge people to be aware of the dangers in the mountains and what can be done to lessen the risks.

And we  have been going for more than a decade now here at PlanetSKI.

We are just compiling a list of our 7 most read stories, ever...

One is a MASSIVE surprise!

Do check back.

Sorry, but we can't help giving this one a mention...

10,000+ views and rising Wink


Happy New Year Folks!

For the Spirit of the Mountains - PlanetSKI: Number One for ski news

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