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Saturday January 26, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

Swedish ski racer saved a helper's life as victim had heart attack in gondola. It came at Garmisch World Cup race this weekend. UPDATED

Lisa Hoernblad and teammates Lin Ivarsson and Helena Rapaport were travelling in a gondola with a German man when he had a suspected heart attack.

"It was all about keeping him alive until we got to the top," Hoernblad told the Associated Press newsagency.

"It's a pretty crazy situation when you are stuck for 10 minutes in a gondola like that."

"He was not breathing. I could tell it was a heart attack," said Hoernblad, 22.

"My first reaction was to try and keep the heart going... But you could see he got the air when we pumped the heart."

"We dragged him out of the gondola, and I continued to pump," Hoernblad said.

"Some minutes later, the Austrian doctor arrived and he kind of took over. We were going to inspection, and our coaches dragged us away."

The German man subsequently had a heart operation and is said to be doing well.

The man was aged about 60 and was working in the medical team for the event.

Hoernblad went on to finish second in Thursday's run.


There has been some reaction to Lisa's efforts over on The PlanetSKI Facebook page:

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