The Warren Smith Ski Academy Ski Fitness program gives skiers an insight into overall ski fitness covering four main topics:

  • Essential Pre Ski Warm Up
  • Ski Physiology + Biomechanics Range Tests
  • Ski Specific Dry Land Training
  • After Ski Cool Down + Stretch

All of these four topics help develop range of movements essential for skiing which will guarantee to increase performance and massively reduce the risk of injury either on the slopes or during apres ski!

They will also give an easy to use dry land training system that cover many aspects of fitness, muscle development and technique used in your every day ski turns.

During an Academy course you can request that your coach will provide you with essential range tests and number scores to show the differences between how the skiing movements on the left and right side of your body are different.

You'll identify your weaker turning direction and have a clear training program to even out the difference between your left and right turns during your time on the slopes.

Watch the videos below for some warm up exercises and after ski cool-down exercises, that you should consider ahead of the course:

Pre-Ski Warm Up:

Before skiing it’s essential to prepare your body for the sport it’s about to do.

This is particularly important with skiing as we generally go from being cold and static to skiing at a high intensity and having to exert and stress our muscles to a high degree with no preparation in between.

Below is a dynamic warm up routine that will get your body and muscles warm and ready for the effort it’s about to be put through during the day.

By running through this short routine at the beginning of every day the chances of injury decrease dramatically and your skiing potential is reached quicker and easier.


After-Ski Cool Down:

After any strenuous physical activity it’s good to cool down and stretch out the muscle groups that have been worked out to ensure no stiffness or decreased range of movement in the future.

Warren Smith Academy advises in the last 30 minutes of skiing to start slowing the intensity of your skiing.

And soon after finishing the day's skiing (ideally within an hour of stopping) to run through a stretch routine or yoga circuit to loosen off the specific muscle groups that skiing triggers.

The video below is a basic routine that ensures the major skiing muscle groups are stretched out and loosened off.

It would be a good idea to use this routine as a general starting point and then, as you get more familiar with it, add to it.

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