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Saturday February 9, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

It follows the comments of 75-year old Gian-Franco Kasper about climate change where he cast doubt on whether it is happening.

He made his remarks in an interview with a Swiss newspaper.

He spoke of "so-called climate change".

When challenged he responded "We have snow, sometimes very much."

He pointed to frigid temperatures at last year's Pyeongchang Olympics.

"To anyone shuddering toward me, I said: Welcome to the global warming," Kasper reportedly said to the newspaper.

He also commented on how it was easier to hold Olympics in dictatorships, as we have reported elsewhere on PlanetSKI:

He said he would rather deal with dictators than argue with environmentalists.

Now the environmental group, Protect Our Winters, has send an open letter urging Kasper to step down.

See here if you wish to support the demand.

"We ask for the immediate resignation of Gian Franco Kasper from the International Ski Federation in response to his denial of human-caused climate change."

"We, the members of the outdoor and snowsports communities, are appalled by recent statements by FIS president Kasper denying human-caused climate change."

"The snowsports community demands climate action, and we will not tolerate those who dismiss science to remain in positions of leadership."

"That's why we're asking you- one of the many passionate outdoor enthusiasts supporting an $887 billion industry here in the United States- to send this letter to Mr. Kasper and ask for his immediate resignation as President of the International Ski Federation."

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POW said the newspaper article "confirms what insiders in FIS meetings have told us for years: that the leadership of the organisation is unwilling to acknowledge scientific evidence that threatens the entire snow industry."

See here for more about Protect Our Winters:

POW also decided to not accept a $10,500 donation from US Ski and Snowboard.

The organisation is part of FIS and POW has said it cannot accept the money when the President of its organisation is denying climate change.

The snowboard maker, Burton, has said it will replace the USSA donation.

Kasper has been president of FIS since 1998.

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