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Wednesday February 27, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

It was a record-breaking month. Resorts brace as more powder is forecast. PlanetSKI is in Colorado.


As this month draws to a close, let's round up:

Jackson Hole WY has named this the deepest Fenruary ever for the resort.

So has Sun Valley ID.

In California's Tahoe it's been a month of 3.5 metres.

So good has the skiing been, that Heavenly and a few others have announced already that they plan to extend the ski season.

Alongside Northstar California Resort and Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and weather and conditions permitting, Heavenly will extend through 28th April 28.

HeavenlyHeavenly, Taho ski resort

Aspen CO has had a heavy snow month too, no surprises...

The last week has been clear and gorgeous.

Katie Bamber reports from there.

But the snow is setting in again, a little lighter this time, and to end February perfectly, the Highlands mountain saw this Aspen-ite make an appearance to make the most of the elusive sun:

Baby bighorn soaking up the rays after a long, snowy FebruaryBaby bighorn soaking up the rays after a long, snowy February

Elsewhere in Colorado, Winter Park is bracing for 0.5m more of snow for fun this weekend.

Lastly, we'll pick a random resort from powder state Utah to exemplify the news from there.

Deer Valley, 2.8 metres of snow in February alone.

Park City, connected to Deer Valley, is jumping for joy with all this snow.

More is in the forecast, too, the next 24 hours expecting 10cm or so.

UtahPark City UT


I mean.

What more can we say.

That's news from the USA.

Snow, snow and more powder snow.

Less so on the East Coast, but in those big bucket list ski resorts it might be time to cash in and spend it to get it while it's good.

Real good.

Alta and Snowbird resorts have won the Utah snow game.

The upper base stands at 3.2m, and so far this season the snowfall total is 10.3m:


Alta, UtahAlta, Utah

Over 1.5m in 4 days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

It's also been the deepest February on record in the western ski resort, famous for its powder.

In massive ski state Colorado, Wolf Creek in the south now records a base depth of 3.3 metres.

That's huge.

More than any other ski resort in the state by a way.

Wolf CreekWolf Creek CO

If you are tempted here's a deal from our friends at SNO, offering Breckenridge for just over £1000, travel incl.

Idaho's Sun Valley is dubbing it "Februburied".

And it's been the best one for years up in the country's first ski resort.

Sun Valley has had more than 3 metres in February alone, another record breaking Feb.

Sun ValleySun Valley, ID

And over in the West, around Tahoe, in California it's been the best all round.

And it's not over.

2.5m is expected during the week of February, though Wednesday 27th offers some light and blue.

Squaw Valley has a total base of 5.5 metres up top.

Squaw Valley reports:

"With another 36cm overnight, #februBURIED total snowfall has hit the 7.6-metre mark on the upper mountain for the month so far."

"The storm is forecasted to continue through Thursday with snow levels dropping to the base."

Skiing will surely go way past April with this depth and forecast storms to come...

Squaw ValleySquaw spray

Squaw Alpine MeadowsSquaw Valley

Squaw life station buriedSquaw lift station buried

But with all this news of snow and good riding, comes the flip side.

This year has also been the highest recorded fatalities from avalanches across the United States.

In Taos 2 riders were caught inbounds in an avalanche and killed.

12 snowmobilers have been caught since 22nd December in avalanches, only five of this number survived.

8 skiers touring and skiing the backcountry have died in avalanches through the States.

It's being reported as one of the worst ever.

Be careful out there folks, wherever you may be skiing, in whatever range.

Updates coming soon - stay tuned.

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