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Wednesday March 6, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

What is it with some skiers & snowboarders? This photo was taken in Val d'Isere. Is trashing the mountains on the rise?

Littering is something that drives us wild at PlanetSKI.

So when we saw a social media post from angry Val d'Isere pisteurs with pictures of empty bottles discarded in the snow we decided to share it.

The reaction shows we're not alone in our fury.

"ANYONE found to be doing this ANYWHERE should be SHOT," was one suggestion (not literal, we assume).

The yobs who did this - and there is no other word for them - are happy to enjoy the beautiful surroundings to have their picnic or their beers but are not prepared to leave the environment the way they found it.

The Val d'Isere piste patrol says the anti-social littering is not a new problem.

"As EVERY YEAR, here is what we discover on the ski area, we deplore these images and the acts of some people, but we must pass a NEW MESSAGE, to say that the MOUNTAIN IS NOT A DUSTBIN 😡😡😡😡😡😡, .............THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING"

Rubbish on the mountainLeft on the mountain in Val d'Isere - photo Val d'Isere piste patrol



















But some skiers say they've noticed littering in increasing.

"Over the few decades that I have been skiing, I've noticed that this kind of thing is getting more common," says Malcolm Souter.

"Also ignorant piste users are becoming more prevalent. It's really unfortunate that people can care so little in one of the cleanest environments on the planet!!"

Jud Owen says he picked up some bottles from the pitch overlooking the Folie Douce après ski bar and restaurant above La Daille in Val d'Isere a few weeks ago.

"People picnicking and watching the Folie antics but don't want to pay for drinks there. Then they just ski off and leave their crap in the snow!"

Brice Gaget says the fight is the same in neighbouring Tignes.

He shared this photo from there on the Val d'Isere pisteurs' Facebook post.

Rubbish left on the mountainLeft on the mountain in Tignes - photo Brice Gaget













Here are some of the other comments we've received:

Comments on FacebookAngry reaction












Comments on FacebookAngry reaction











Comments on FacebookAngry reaction














And us?

Well, here is the PlanetSKI social media supremo, Kisia Cove, in Pitztal in the Tirol today disposing of a tissue in the appropriate place:

Bin it!Bin it!
















And we can report that around the resort there are plenty of bins:

Pitztal, the Tirol, AustriaPitztal, the Tirol, Austria















Plus warning signs about littering in the gondola:

Please don'tPlease don't















Tell us what you think over on the PlanetSKI Facebook page and please let us know if you see any evidence of rubbish on the slopes.

In the past we have covered stories about mountain clear-ups - it is amazing what is found:

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