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Monday March 11, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

The plan was a simple one: a PlanetSKI family hitting the whole of the Arlberg ski area in a single day. But something intervened.

The area in Austria comprises of the resorts of St Anton, Lech, St Christophe, Stuben, Warth Schrocken and Zurs.

Its 340kms of slopes straddle the Tirol and the Arlberg and it is, in our humble PlanetSKI opinion, simply the best linked ski area in the world.

Not the biggest, but the best.

The PlanetSKI editor, James Cove, his wife Kisia and son Alex (pictured above) had been looking forward to it for a while .

They rarely get to ski together as they criss-cross the mountains in their different directions.

So, what intervened in their cunning plan?

James recounts the day....

James Cove reports...James Cove reports...















Er, in short the weather.

Some snow was forecast, but not this as we stepped out of the first lift.

And here is the piste map - do you see the green or the red?

The Arlberg awaits... or notThe Arlberg awaits... or not















We see the green - some skiing to be had, even if the plan to ski the mighty Arlberg had to been binned.

So, off we went.

Many people decide to give up when the weather sets in.

Here at PlanetSKI we don't.

"Come on old man, follow me down," shouted Alex to me.

"We can either dick about or just ski and let it flow. Isn't that what you taught me all those years ago?"

He is a 24-year old Level 3 Canadian ski instructor with three seasons under his belt in Banff and a full season in Australia too.

My legs now have a combined age of 120 years so I let him bounce down for a bit.

You can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs, so snow/poor visibility happens in the mountains - without it we wouldn't have the snow.

Our view is to embrace it and simply deal with the weather as it comes.

And with that 'positive outlook' I can report the weather cheered up (a bit).

And another optimistic fellow was clearing the restaurant terrace as the snow fell.

The clear up beginsThe clear up begins














He can't have been thinking people wanted to sit outside, surely?

We preferred our warming hot chocolate inside.

And very welcome it was too.

Hard to beat when the weather sets inHard to beat when the weather sets in
















Especially as this was the scene outside.

As I said earlier there hasn't been any fresh snow in this part of the Austrian Alps for a while, so it is very welcome after the huge snowfalls in Janaury.

A ski around the whole of the Arlberg can wait.

It seems every time I come to St Anton it snows.

In January my arrival was delayed as the resort was cut off.

In the afternoon on Monday we headed to the Rendl side.

Good call.

Very good call.

Rendl, St AntonRendl, St Anton















It was sheltered from the wind, the lower terrain was in the trees and we simply lapped the main gondola.

Warming up and drying outWarming up and drying out















We skied, we laughed and we talked.

Time after time.

None of it had much consequence.

Indeed any consequence - just family time together in the snow.

Until the last lift.

And my take on the day....

For the Spirit of the Mountains - PlanetSKI: Number One for ski news

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