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CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT ON USA - Katie Bamber, Senior New Reporter
Friday March 22, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

It's not a new topic but an important one nevertheless. How are ski resorts affected and what's there to do? NEW

Skiing and snowboarding is a $20bn business in the USA.

This 2018/19 season has been one of the best.

Read more of the incredible snowfalls through the Rockies here:
However, experts are saying that this is becoming more of an exception.

Rather than a regular or state-of-play.

Seasons are getting shorter.

Temperatures are rising.

Geophysical Research Letter publication reports that the amount of snow in the west has seen an average drop of 41% since the 1980s.

As a result the winter season has reduced by over a month: 34 days to be more exact.

This in turn, also unsurprisingly, has a financial impact on ski resorts.

With the way the North America ski industry works as well - with two companies owning many big-name resorts - weather variability is a worry for investors and shareholders in the huge companies.

This season it was a weak start in North America, which would have impacted on the resorts, despite a stronger period later in the winter.

That makes two years of poor pre-holiday conditions, certainly affecting early guest bookings.

Alterra Mountain Co. and the resorts connected to the collective ski pass the IKON Pass are all committed to long term solutions to climate change and to being green destinations.

The other major player, Vail Resorts with its Epic Pass, has the same standpoint on the environment.

It is, however, a worry for the pass holders.

The IKON Pass gives holders access to ski 38 different resorts, so if your local mountain doesn't have enough snow, you can travel elsewhere.

It also gives the company/resort money pre-season to prepare for (energy-efficient) snow making and working on off-ski/snowboard activities in the mountain resorts.
Click the link above to read more of the mega ski resort pass and to get yours for next season.

And for more on Alterra read of its $180 million investment for improving its resorts.
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