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Friday March 29, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

We have been posting a series of reports from Europe's other mountain range. Check them all out here & see what you may be missing.

We have been in the French Pyrenees, the Spanish Pyrenees and Andorra.

Our chief reporter, Jane Peel, has been fulfilling a long-held ambition: skiing in Spain.

Jane's first stop was a resort popular with families and beginners:

Her second was a wild and remote place with only one lift but a lot to recommend it:

And her third?

Boí Taüll on the western edge of Catalonia, close to the border with Aragon.

Spring snow in Boí TaüllJane Peel in the Spanish Pyrenees

In the centre of the Pyrenees in Andorra our reporter Kay Frances, a beginner, has been taking some lessons and looking at the attractions of Andorra:
AndorraKay Frances, Getting past the plough in Andorra
















Sadly we also had news of the death of a British snowboarder in Andorra last week:
Meanwhile our reporter, Iain Martin, has been in the French Pyrenees.

In the resorts of Les Angles and Ax3Domaines.
Yours truly in the mountainsIain Martin in the mountains













And while we are on the subject of the French Pyrenees a must-visit location in our opinion is the observatory at the Pic Du Midi above La Monjie.

One of our readers, Sara Bell, has just been there with her family.

They seemed to enjoy the new walkway.

Pic du Midi, French PyreneesPic du Midi, French Pyrenees

Pic du Midi, French PyreneesPic du Midi, French Pyrenees

Pic du Midi, French PyreneesPic du Midi, French Pyrenees

Pic du Midi, French PyreneesPic du Midi, French Pyrenees

It was not there on our visits a few years back.

And if you do go we thoroughly recommend staying overnight: The Pic du Midi with its observatory, stunning views and fabulous off piste skiing is a real treat in our opinion.

So, there is a PlanetSKI snapshot of resorts across the Pyrenees.

A fabulous mountain range often over-looked by the Brits.

Tempted to give it a go some time?

For the Spirit of the Mountains - PlanetSKI: Number One for ski news

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