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GETTING AWAY FROM BREXIT - Christian Ferre, Serre Chevalier, France
Thursday April 4, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

Is it all too much? Whether you want to leave or remain. Some have been put off skiing over this unsettled period. Not PlanetSKI.




I hadn't realised when I booked up my father and son ski trip to Serre Chevalier that our adventure would clash with the infamous Brexit deadline of Spring 2019.

They have of course turned into deadlines.

With all the machinations involved.

Will we be in or out next week?

Or whenever?

Who knows.

As it turns out I couldn't have made a better decision to be skiing in France during this unsettled time.

All the chaos, bitterness and confusion seems to be very far away as I am in Serre Chevalier with my young son, Dylan.

Father and son time away from all the absurdity.

Chritsian and DylanChritsian and Dylan














I booked up with Zenith Holidays who I have been with a few times in the past.

They are a small, very experienced British company, that are all about keeping the chalet business alive and well.

With potentially choppy waters ahead.

Despite the incredible strain that Brexidiocy has put on small businesses like Zenith; the resort and chalet staff here, provide a more personal, authentic chalet experience.

Le Refuge - Serre Chevalier Le Refuge - Serre Chevalier













This year we have a late Easter, and it comes at Brexit time.

Throughout the season Serre Chevalier has seen less snow than some other ski areas, but to be honest, it seems very unaffected.

The PlanetSKI editor, James Cove, was here back in January.

He had a fabulous time in this wonderful corner of the southern French Alps and there remains ample snow cover from top to bottom.

Top of the mountainTop of the mountain

















Serre ChevalierSerre Chevalier













Resort life is a truly unique world apart from our ‘normal' everyday life existence.

Brexit or otherwise.

To Brexit or not to brexitTo Brexit or not to Brexit













PlanetSKI has been posting a series of Brexit guides ahead of the current changes to the political situation.

Here we looked at the seasonal workers:

And here the others looking at a number of areas:

But let's forget about Brexit for a while.

Now I should declare an interest as I am a Remainer.

I believe in the EU despite all its faults and failings and I believe my son's future will be better as part of the EU, not outside it.

But on this trip I just wanted to forget about it all.

And worry about other things.

Here, the morning traffic jams are found at the bottom of chair lifts.

We diet too regularly on cheese and our exercise is usually done daily between the hours of 0930 and 1600.

Afternoon tea is consumed on the mountain side and beer is substituted for tea and it's very common for one to steal a cheeky snooze at any given time and/or place.

Sometimes snoozing and eating is done at the same time.

It was for Dylan and me.














So the life and pace in Serre Chevalier is very relaxed but the mountains here offer much more than just ‘easy-life' motorway skiing.

With 30 red runs.

13 black runs.

25 blue runs

13 green runs.

There is hundreds of kilometres of potential off piste here as well, and this area has a well earned reputation for excellent tree skiing.

Serre ChevalierSerre Chevalier













Serre ChevalierSerre Chevalier















There is an ancient city here.


A walled fortress town that dates back to the early Roman occupation.

This is a UNESCO world heritage site that is truly worth a visit.

















There is also an incredible spa that also dates back to early Roman occupation.

This is a genuine natural hot spa, which springs at 44°c.

The water is mineral rich and is proven to have health improvement qualities..

It is genuinely, a very lovely experience, with an indoor section that Jacuzzis and also has a trilogy of baths from hot to cold.

An indoor music, meditation bath.

There is also, the outdoor pool that has fountains, swirlpools and submersed lye back areas, all under the calm, majesty of the surrounding mountains.

It is a truly exceptional experience that just adds to the overall atmosphere and ambiance of this valley.

















In keeping with the general euro mood toward ‘Les Anglais' at the moment.

The atmosphere here is warm and sympathetic to our ridiculous Brexidiocy.

The French have been uncharismatically compassionate and welcoming..

The chat is of coexistence and the future together and while saying our farewells everyone we met said "see you next year".

Meanwhile the sun shines..temperatures today must have hit 20°c.

The lifts keep running, the spa keeps the souls clean; the restaurants, bars, chalets and hotels reach for our business and the fathers and sons, Mothers and daughters will continue to enjoy all this really quite lovely, truly authentic ski resort has to offer...

Thank you Serre Chevalier.

I have escaped the madness of Brexit for a while... even if only a short while.

Dylan and IDylan and me














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