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THE BATTLE IS ON - James Cove, PlanetSKI Editor
Wednesday April 10, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

The 2026 Winter Olympics seemed to be the Games no-one wanted. Not any more: it's Sweden v Italy, head to head.

Sweden's Government has now pledged to back the bid from Stockholm and Åre.

The Minister of Sport and Culture, Amanda Lind, said the government was "united behind the decision".

Previously it gave no firm assurances the Government would provide guarantees on issues such as security and entry visas into the country.

There are required by the International Olympic Committee.

"It would be great for Sweden if it was an Olympic Games," Lind said to Swedish TV.

"There would be a lot of moving pleasure."

"For the entire sports movement, it would be a huge boost.

Sweden Olympic bidSweden Olympic bid

Swedish Government support comes days after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed the guarantees on behalf of the Italian bid from Milan/Cortina 2026.

See here for our earlier report on the Italian move:

Joint Italian bidJoint Italian bid

The Government support for both rival bids is a massive boost for the IOC.

The IOC had been hit by withdrawals of bids from Calgary in Canada, Innsbruck in Austria and Sion in Switzerland, following referendums.

There was even talk of no bid going forward and Salt Lake City in Utah was mooted as a fall back position:

In Italy there will be no referendum which is another boost for the IOC.

Now there is the small matter of who will win the nomination to host the 2026 Winter Olympics

The two contenders will give a 15-minute video presentation to the winter International Federations at SportAccord World Sport and Business Summit in May in the Gold Coast.

The reports from theIOC Evaluation Commission visits to the two candidates in recent weeks will be published on May 24th.

The final vote at the IOC Session in Lausanne, Switzerland is  on June 24th.

The battle is on.

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