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ACTION IN LES 3 VALLEES - Ian Davis, Les3Vallees, France
Saturday April 13, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

Freeriding, the Enduro race, zips lines & now paragliding. Harness up and let's go flying folks.

It had been 3-days of adrenaline pumping adventures in all corners of Les3Vallees.

Extensive skiing and a multitude of activities on offer.

Maybe the best was still to come.

As I woke I could see it was calm and sunny - a perfect day for flying.

Lets go flyingLets go flying
















Awaiting me was a tandem paragliding flight from the Col De la Loze at 2000m - 700m above our landing site of Courchevel La Praz.

After meeting my pilot, Craig, we wandered over and surveyed the 42 square metres of nylon that was going to protect us from a long, fast descent followed by rapid deceleration.


Up, up and away?Up, up and away?














As I strapped into my harness I could feel my heart beating faster.

Nervous momentsNervous moments

















After many safety checks we were ready to fly.

For a flight in the winter you ski for the take off.

I preferred this as at least once you are sliding there's little chance of backing out.

Commit and go.

Skis on, clipped to my pilot and after a short double check of attachments we slide off for take off.

It's a gentle departure and once sat into your harness seat a comfortable experience.

Soaring like an eagle, although a brightly coloured nylon version, above the Alps.

During the flight I learnt about the thermals and their effects.

Followed by mild concern when I found out that they could collapse the wing tip of the paraglider.

I did at times allow some thoughts into my head that there was no safety net, but they had to be ignored.

After some guidance I took the controls.

It was great to feel in control, tentatively steering the glider through 360 and 180 degree turns I found it comforting to be in control of the flight.

I was on the edge, when Craig decided to show me what banking a turn really meant.

My adrenaline levels shot up.

It was amazing and petrifying to see how the glider could be banked into turns.

The G Force was incredible.

Landing took the form of sliding to a halt in a field outside La Praz, heart pounding I enjoyed the flight.

It was great to enjoy amazing views of the Courchevel Valley while the silence of non-powered flight was incredible.

What a few days!

The Three Valleys had not disappointed, great skiing topped off with adrenalin-fuelled activities.

The EnduroThe Enduro













And that was after a spot of freeriding the previous day.

Freeriding with FWT starFreeriding with FWT star
















And then we hit the zip line:

Zipping the zip lineZipping the zip line

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