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The 13-year-old had emergency brain surgery after being poked in the head with a ski pole while skiing in Canada. Police appeal for witnesses.


Max Keir was taken to hospital hours after the incident on Grouse Mountain in British Columbia on 30th March when he became dazed, confused and began vomiting.

It was revealed that the pole had punctured his skull by about 3cm, piercing his right temporal lobe.

North Vancouver Royal Mounted Police say the man whose pole pierced Max's head has still not been identified nearly eight weeks later.

All that is known about him is that he was wearing a yellow jacket.

They've issued a renewed appeal for witnesses.

They say they have insufficient evidence to establish whether the injury to Max was intentional or an accident.

However, Max's father, David Keir, told a news conference organised by the police that it could not have been an accident as the man had thrown his ski pole at Max.

"There were bone fragments and a pool of blood in his brain," he said.

"When doctors showed me that image, you freak out as a parent."

He said his son was slowly recovering and was able to go to school for an hour a day.

Max had been skiing with a friend at about 7pm on Saturday 30th March when he swerved to avoid another skier - the man in the yellow jacket.

He was on the bottom third of a run called The Cut, to the left of the Screaming Eagle Chairlift.

Grouse Mountain mapMap showing location of the incident  - Image provided by NVRCMP













The police say skiers on the chairlift would have seen him below and to their right.

"The tip of the adult's ski pole struck the youth on his temporal bone and punctured his skull by approximately 3cm," Sergeant Peter DeVries said.

"The youth did not fall down and he was unaware of his injury until the bottom of the run, where an unidentified woman noticed and offered help."

Max was treated by the ski patrol, picked up by his parents and had stitches for a small cut.

When his symptoms worsened later that same evening he was rushed back to hospital where he had brain surgery.

Sergeant DeVries said the police had exhausted all available investigational avenues, and needed more information from witnesses.

Max was wearing tan/brown ski pants, a white Adidas hoodie with a black logo on the front, and green and black ski boots.

Max KeirMax in the clothing he was wearing - Image provided by NVRCMP





















"We want to speak with the kind woman who helped the young man," Sergeant DeVries said.

"We want to speak with anyone who saw what happened.

"We also are asking the skier who was involved in this incident to do the right thing and come forward.

"Lastly, we are asking anyone who knows the adult skier involved to please contact us.

NVRCMPNVRCMP appealing for witnesses


















Anyone with information or video taken in the area of The Cut on Grouse Mountain between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on 30th March is asked to contact Constable Yushi Ebisawa by phone at 604-969-7345, or by email at

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