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Is it possible for a complete novice to learn to ski tour to a competent level in 2 days? Read more here.



Blair Aitken spends his winters converting alpine skiers into ski tourers.

But he wanted to take four hillwalkers who had never tried snowsports before and to teach them to ski well enough in only two lessons so that they could complete an easy ski tour in Scotland on the third day.

Was this even possible?

With the support of Atomic, ski instructor and mountain leader Blair Aitken decided to give the experiment a go.

There was an application process through social media and of the 80 applicants, four were selected.

Aitken chose four people with different motivations and backgrounds and took them to the dry ski slope at Hillend for two days tuition.

On the third day the four hillwalkers went on to the mountain in difficult winter conditions.

It looked like quite a challenge to get them to ski on the fresh snow on the Coire Cas in the Cairngorm, but they all ended the day both positive and triumphant.

Watch Hamish Frost's film below as he documents the three days and progress made.

If you're interested in taking up Ski Touring a new Ski Touring training format will run at Hillend ski centre on the 10th and 17th August.

Moreover, a further Introduction to Ski Touring course for people who can already ski will take place on 17th August and 10th November.

If you are interested in taking part complete the webform on this link or check out the British Backcountry website for more details.

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Please note: The course targets winter hillwalkers who have experience navigating, moving and avoiding hazards in the mountain.

The terrain chosen is non-avalanche and low risk.

In Scotland the majority of people travelling in the mountains in winter do so on foot and this course was a way of highlighting the benefits of travelling by ski.

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