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MORE SNOW IS FALLING IN AUSTRALIA - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
Thursday July 11, 2019 - Email this article to a friend

Totals are over 1m in places as the snow has come in deep. Now conditions are looking ace as the sun shines through. UPDATED


Australia skiing needs no further sum up at the moment beyond the words snow, sun and this video below.

Perisher first thing Friday morning:


Things are trundling along nicely in Australia's mountain resorts.

Falls Creek reports reports more than 70cm in 7 days and the Falls Creek village is looking like a winter wonderland.

Last night topped up with 6cm.

Centre Valley & Mt Perisher was looking pretty in pink first thing after 10cm fresh snow overnight.

Perisher after 10cmPerisher after 10cm

Freshies on the Bluff this morning after 5cm of snow overnight.



The sun has come out after a week of heavy snow in the Australian Alps.

More snow is in the forecast this week.

News of lifts opening is coming through fast in many resorts after up to a metre of snow lays down a good base.

Thredbo's Basin area opened today, Tuesday 16th July:

Lifts are turning at 7.30am at Hotham Alpine Resort on Tuesday:

Hotham Tuesday morningHotham Tuesday 16 July morning

Hotham Tuesday morningHotham Tuesday morning

Falls Creek was also looking sweet this morning.

It's expecting 5cm or so tomorrow, with more nearer to the weekend.


Perisher had another 20cm overnight bringing the total snowfall to 106cm in the past 7 days.

However strong winds have meant some lift closures.

Here's the scene in Perisher:

It's not too shaby in neighbouring Thredbo that claims 85cm in the past week:

The snow has also caused some disruption to travel and transport.

Travel warningsTravel warnings















Severe weather warnings are in place in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania as the cold front moves in.

Blizzard conditions are happening in many alpine areas.

Wind speeds are gusting up to 120 km per hour.

Sydney airport has faced significant disruption with cancelled flight as winds gusted up to 75km/h.

Sydney airport over the weekendSydney airport over the weekend















Here is Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain, TasmaniaCradle Mountain, Tasmania







And the snow keeps on coming down Down Under.

We are updating this rolling blog across the weekend and here's the latest:

  • Perisher now reports 1m has fallen in the current storm.
  • Mt Hotham claims 50cm and on Saturday has described it as "Day of the season so far..."
  • In Shooters Hill in New South Wales the kangaroos are doing their best.
Perisher, AustraliaPerisher, Australia

Mt Hotham, AustraliaMt Hotham, Australia

Shooters Hill, AustraliaShooters Hill, Australia

Here at PlanetsKI we're dreaming of our visit last winter to Australia when there was record-breaking levels of  snow.

Seems like it may be happening again.

PlanetSKI hit the resorts of Perisher, Mount Buller & Thredbo at the end of the 2018 season:

It's the news we were expecting from Australia ski resorts;

The storm blows on dropping another few-dozen centimetres of snow.

This weekend is set to be a bumper one for snow, as the heaviest hit of the storm hasn't arrived so there's more snow to come.

It'll be much welcomed after a dry, warm few weeks.

It has now been snowing for the past 36 hours or so.

Perisher is experiencing blizzard conditions that has brought 25cm since yesterday.

Storm total so far: 54cm


Look at this dream scene in Thredbo.

15cm fell overnight and it's been snowing all day today.

It's also coming down at Charlotte Pass, Australia and is forecast to through tomorrow:

Snowstorm at Hotham:

Here's an Oz snow forecast posted two days ago - so far it's not looking too unlikely.

The resorts are certainly on their way to here...

Australia powder expectations - posted 10th JulyAustralia powder expectations - posted 10th July

It'll be cold, too, with temperatures expected to fall to -6C in the alpine regions tomorrow for Saturday's skiing.

It's a good end for the school holidays for Aussie kids up in the hills.


There's reports of 20cm od fresh snow here, there and everywhere in Australia's ski resorts.

Antarctic weather and polar winds are sweeping the country from this latter half of the week onwards, after what's been a mild fortnight in the Australian Alps.

Early snow storms and cold May temperatures did bring a fantastic start to the season.

But the past few weeks has seen resorts rely a lot on snow machines.

There's been some light snow, but also heavy rain to sweep away the snow.

Early June saw the natural snow depth above 70cm, the highest for 19 years in the first week of June.

The weather now arrived is blizzard and snow storm, with a metre forecast in some mountain resorts. 

Here we take a look at the skiing Down Under in Australia as skiers and riders start to enjoy the powder:

New South Wales resort Perisher has had it very well this week, with 20cm of fresh snow recorded overnight.

And it's still coming down.

The resort topped out at above 10C last Saturday, however, so this drop of white stuff is much needed.

Blizzard conditions with further snowfall, cold temps and strong winds continuing today.

Hotham also has 20cm recorded from this new snow storm cycle as the snow continues to fall.

Falls Creek on Tuesday had 40cm in the forecast.

15cm has fallen so far overnight with more on its way.

Falls CreekFalls Creek

Australia runs a day ahead of us.

Thursday 11th am here in the UK - they've already enjoyed their Thursday skiing.

What did Thursday skiing bring to Thredbo?

The magic number of 20cm.

Fallen since 1am.


A blizzard has brought all this snow, so there was low vis.

We'll keep an eye on this one through the weekend.

Thredbo snowThredbo snow Thursday 11 July

Mt Buller had a 9cm drop of fresh as of Thursday 11th July morning.

More wild weather is bringing more snowfall this week...

Will this storm also be visiting the New Zealand resorts?

No sign yet...

New Zealand, which usually outdoes Australia in snowfall, is experiencing a very slow start to Winter '19.

Catch up here:
The May cold snap brought up to a metre of fresh to the Australian Alps and resorts even opened early.

Catch up on our Australia ski season and snow news here:
The Aussie snow dance:

For the Spirit of the Mountains - PlanetSKI: Number One for ski news

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