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Several Chilean ski operations announce they won't open for winter due to poor conditions; Further south in Argentina, skiing looks better: UPDATED


Two ski resorts in Chile have closed due to the unseasonably warm weather.

Warm weather not only means no snow, but also that the snow cannons cannot be switched on.

Chilean Cat skiing operation, Ski Arpa, has not been able to run at all this winter and announced that it will not due to the snow conditions.

The Swiss ski team has cancelled its Chilean training camp.

The team will stick closer to home where conditions are better on the glaciers of Zermatt and Saas Fee.

- The conditions over on said European glaciers have still been warmer than usual.

However, Ski Portillo has managed to fire up the snow machines and is running over half of its lifts.

Portillo in Chile firing up the snow cannonsPortillo in Chile firing up the snow cannons

Read here our article on the start of the skiing and snowfall in Portillo:
Meanwhile much further south in the Andes in a southern Argentina resort, Cerro Castedral there's been better snow.

10cm has been recorded each day for three days and it seems to be where the South American skiers are headed:

Cerro CatedralCerro Catedral

Bariloche, ArgentinaBariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, ArgentinaBariloche skiing, Argentina

A quiet slope in Cerro Catedral on Wednesday 7th AugustA quiet slope in Cerro Catedral on Wednesday 7th August

Another, training camp for Swiss and Northern Hemisphere athletes is slated for later in the season in Argentina.

Due to better conditions down south, this one is currently still going ahead.



We haven't heard a huge amount from our pals down in South America skiing and riding.

We'll assume it's because they are busy shredding in the fresh snow over the past few days.

Argentina has been it good.

Las Lenas was skiing on fresh today, looks like 5-10cm from all the way in the Northern Hem...

Las LenasLas Lenas

Up to 15cm fell yesterday and overnight on 30th July at Cerro Catedral:

Before the 15cm to see out July on 31st Cerro Catedral had a 25cm fall to make it all look pretty wintry down low:

Cerro Catedral 30th JulyCerro Catedral 30th July

Cerro Catedral enjoying the 15cm top up:

Cerro CatedralCerro Catedral on 31st July

Cerro Castor has had some good doses of 10cm here and there and the snowboarders are out enjoying the fresh stuff.

La Hoya has some happy goers.

Heya from La HoyaHeya to La Hoya

And last from the big 5 Argentina ski areas, Chapelco.

We'll leave you with news of it snowing right now in the resort.

Go and enjoy it all over there.

Just fill us in on how it is...

We're starved from skiing over here.

Check back soon for more snow news.

ChapelcoChapelco 1st August



South America offers some incredible skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Argentina has Las Lenas, known for its steep terrain and buzzing nightlife.

Down in Patagonia there's Cerro Catedral and Chapelco, for tree skiing, steep terrain, busy resort town life and views that'll then haunt you forever more (trust me...).

Chile boats Nevados de Chillan, two-years-running voted the country's best ski resort.

It has backcountry terrain that's been carved out by past lava flows - it's a group of volcanoes - tree skiing and natural hot springs.

Then there are the resorts an hour-or-so drive from Santiago - Portillo and Valle Nevado.

Check out what we recently wrote about the start of the ski season in Portillo.

They're famed for the small town life, dry powder and hella good scenery.

So, how have they been skiing this winter?

Or, more importantly, how do they look now, now the snow has come in...

Nevados de Chillan skiing on 24th July:

Nevados de Chillan saw 20cm+ on Monday 22nd July.

That topped up the weekend half-metre bringing recent fresh snowfall to above 70cm.

Portillo's pistes this week after a smaller dump of 6cm on Monday looked a little different.

Artificially made snow has mixed with the natural stuff and the groomers are looking hard packed and carve-worthy:

Portillo is expecting a white Sunday with around 14cm forecast, with potentially another 10cm on Monday.

We'll be watching this snowy space.

It's no surprise then either that nearby La Parva will expect 10cm or so this Sunday as well.

Take a look at skiing this week in La Parva during the fabulous conditions:

Portillo ChilePortillo Chile


El Colorado saw more than 20cm for Monday's session.

El ColoradoEl Colorado

El ColoradoEl Colorado

There's been record snow in Caviahue Argentina, and after the weekend's snowfall at the bottom of the ski hill there's a base of over 2 metres.

Down in Patagonia, Cerro Catedral - Bariloche saw an incredible snowfall, one of the best in around 20 years:

24 hour snowfall on the weekend:

Base 60 cm
Intermediate 90 cm
Summit 120 cm

PatagoniaCerro Catedral, Argentina mid-week

Cerro CatedralCerro Catedral mid-week

In 'nearby' (Argentina speaking) Cerro Chapelco, fresh snowfall is recorded at above 50cm.

Take a look at the skiing on 23rd July 2019:

Chapelco during the snowy weekend:

Read our previous in-depth piece on where, when and why to ski in South America:
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