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Hundreds of people have attended a high altitude funeral for Switzerland’s Pizol glacier. It is no more.



Around 250 climate activists gathered to climb up to the glacier at 2,600m on Sunday.

Many dressed in black clothes for the funeral march.

A local priest gave a speech to mark the occasion.

The glacier was declared officially dead.

It will be the first to be taken off the Swiss glacier surveillance network.

In August a similar event took place in Iceland.

Activists hike up to Pizal gacier - photo Klimaschutz SchweizActivists hike up to Pizol glacier - photo Klimaschutz Schweiz















The funeral hike to Pizol glacier - photo Klimaschutz SchweizThe funeral hike to Pizol glacier - photo Klimaschutz Schweiz















The Pizol glacier is - or was - in the Glarus Alps of north east Switzerland close to the Austrian border.

It has shrunk by 80% - 90% of its volume since 2006.

All that remains is 26,000 square metres of ice.

Its demise has been accelerated by rising global temperatures.

It has been studied since 1893.

The photographs below demonstrate how swiftly it has receded in 12 years.

Pizal glacier 2006 and 2018Pizol glacier 




















"Since 1850, we estimate that more than 500 Swiss glaciers have completely disappeared, including 50 that were named," Matthias Huss, a glaciologist at the ETH technical university in Zurich, says.

The funeral ceremony for the Pizol glacier took place after millions of people took part in a global strike to highlight the threat of climate change and as world leaders gathered at the United Nations in New York to discuss the issue.

This week is Climate Action Week which we are marking here on PlanetSKI with a series of articles:

RIP Pizol glacier - photo Klimaschutz SchweizRIP Pizol glacier - photo Klimaschutz Schweiz















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