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Our friends over at Maison Sport have been at it again. Offering straight advice on topics relevant to all skiers & snowboarders.

There are so many myths out there on the ski slopes...

1. MYTH: Skiing is really dangerous.

Skiing is actually safer than playing football! Despite a few accidents being publicised, research suggests that a fear of skiing and snowboarding is misplaced.

Dr Mike Langran, a physician from the Aviemore medical practice and an authority on snow-related injuries, says that injuries among people participating in snow sports are very rare, and taking into consideration the number of people who participate in winter sports and football, there is a higher chance of being injured when playing football.

It happens, but not oftenIt happens, but not often
















2. MYTH: Sitting back in powder makes it easier.

What it actually does is make it harder to turn and gives you serious leg burn.

You should try to maintain a centred balance, bring your feet a little closer together than normal and increase how much you bring your hips up and forwards between the turns.

Pounding the powderPounding the powder

















3. MYTH: The slopes are really steep, even for beginners

As a beginner, when you think about skiing or snowboarding, you think of racing down a giant mountain.

When in fact, when you start to ski/snowboard, you realise the beginner slopes are surprisingly flat (and friendly looking).

Cruising the bluesCruising the blues
















4. MYTH: Alcohol makes you warmer

Whilst alcohol may seem like the perfect cold-weather beverage, it actually decreases your core body temperature, regardless of the temperature outside, which can increase your risk of hypothermia.

Keeps you chilledKeeps you chilled









5. MYTH: Ski boots should hurt

Ski boots should not be uncomfortable.

Your toes might be a bit cold, and may not feel as comfortable in ski boots in comparison to other shoes, however, there should not be any pain, pins and needles or other uncomfortable sensations.

Not necessaryNot necessary















6. MYTH: If you're an intermediate/expert skier or snowboarder, lessons are a waste of time

When booking an independent ski or snowboard instructor, you are booking someone who is highly qualified and understands the mountains and resort more than anyone else.

If you are an expert/intermediate skier or snowboarder, an instructor can help offer tips on improving technique, show you where the best runs are, help guide you when going off-piste and even recommend the best places for a hot chocolate.

Time well spentTime well spent
















Maison Sport is a company that connects people wanting lessons to instructors, without going through a traditonal ski school.

Read all about the company here: The New Way to Book Your Ski Teacher

We have been sharing a number of articles written by the guys and girls over at Maison Sport and will continue to do so across the winter:

And here are some more...

5 tips that make learning to ski a whole lot easier...

1. Get Fit

Sliding around on snow doesn't sound tiring but it is, getting up after falling over is hard work, so a basic level of fitness can go a long way.

Whether it means you can practice for longer or gives you the strength to improve your technique it will definitely help speed up your learning.

Tip: Check out this Blogpost on pre-season fitness tips.

2. Ice Skating

Balance is an important part of skiing, so anything you can do to practice and improve your balance will help.

Ice skating is an obvious choice, there are many similarities between ice skating and skiing, you will find the ‘skate' technique is similar to the technique used when walking around on your skis.

3. YouTube

It's the second largest search engine in the world for a reason and searching for "How to ski" will bring up a whole host of video tutorials.

This will increase your knowledge base and help you understand ski terms an instructor might use.

4. Fear

Many beginners think skiing is going to be scarier than it actually is and end up being very nervous before even getting out on the snow.

Beginner ski slopes are generally incredibly flat, so think car park instead of vertical drop when you're picturing yourself skiing.

5. Ski lessons

Having some ski lessons can seem expensive but in the grand scheme of things, they are definitely worth it.

It takes most ski instructors an average of 6 years to become fully qualified, so even a couple of lessons will allow you to gain some great tips and feedback.

You know it makes senseYou know it makes sense
















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