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Scottish artifical slope faces closure
Monday March 1, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

The Midlothian Ski Centre above Edinburgh is facing closure as the local council in the area struggles to fund the dry ski slope, which opened in 1965.

Originally known as Hillend, the slope is one of Europe's largest and longest at more than 400m. It is also one of the few artificial surface slopes to have its own chairlift.

Some of the UK's top skiers in the 1970s, 80s and 90s can trace their racing roots back to Hillend training.

However, it is still using its original Dendix slope surface and is projected to make a loss of over £500,000 this year, which Midlothian council says is unsustainable.

"The Council has sought discussions with Sportscotland on future funding support and has actively sought partners who would be willing to invest in the facility. Currently no financial support has been offered for this national facility although the Council will explore every avenue to reduce the operating losses of the centre," says a statement fromt the Ski Centre.

Green Member of the Scottish Parliament, Robin Harper, wants the Scottish government to match council spending in the short term to help keep the centre open.

Only 20% of people who use the slope come from the Midlothian area.

A Facebook fan site has also been established to fight for the centre's survival.

See here for more details about the Ski Centre.

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