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Utah's new alcohol laws
Monday March 15, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

In past winters you needed to be a member of a club to enter and get a drink in the US state; this season it changed. They have a, so-called, open door policy and they are claiming it has been a success.

It was quite frankly ridiculous seen through European eyes. 

In the Mormon state of Utah you needed to buy a temporary membership in order to have an après ski drink or any other drink for that matter.

So, more often than not, there was someone sitting at a table or bar near the door and they would sign you in if you bought them a drink.

Our content editor, James Cove, last skied in Utah back in 2002 where he did a feature on the strange drinking laws for the Today programme, on Radio 4.

Having a drink in Utah, 2002Having a drink in Utah, 2002Last winter the law was changed though and it has been pronounced a success by the bars and skiers that have visited the area this winter.

You need to be over 21 years of age to be allowed in to get an alcoholic drink.

Contrary to general belief Utah has never been a dry State. 

"The air's kinda dry but the well is pretty full when it comes to lounges, bars, pubs, and private clubs." says a statement from Park City Mountain Resort.

The resort has recently opened the state's first distillery, since Prohibition.

The High West Distillery is the only ski-in/ski-out distillery in the world appparently. It produces whiskey and vodka.

It's one of over 100 restaurants and bars in Park City.

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