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Ski resorts get a Spring clean
Thursday May 27, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

This Spring thousands of volunteers will be out clearing up the rubbish left behind by skiers, snowboarders and other people who visit the mountains. Last year 30 tons was picked by 3,500 volunteers in 55 resorts.

There are more than 140 events taking place this year in The Alps, the Highlands, The Pyrenees and even Belgium.

This weekend 15 events take place at ski resorts as diverse as Les Gets, Villars, Les Houches and St. Foy.

It would be nice if they didn't find any refuse, but it is more likely they will come away with considerably more than last year.

For the past 9 years the French environmental group, Mountain Riders, has been organising and co-ordinating the clean up operation.

This year it is not just ski runs and but mountain bike tracks, climbing areas and hiking trails.

The Scottish clean up takes place in a few weeks once all the snow has melted and we will bring you news of that nearer the time here on PlanetSKI.

Last year the volunteers found an interesting combination of rubbish, including cans, plastic wrappers, single-use products, bottles, paper, barrels, batteries, metal and cables, PET bottles and the ever-present cigarette butts.














These latter deserve a special mention, once again, for the sheer quantity of them found under chairlifts and around chalets, restaurants and car parks.

Up to 30 000 cigarette butts can sometimes be found under just one chairlift.

Apparently they take from between 2 and 11 years to decompose.  Tins take up to 500 years, glass bottles 400 years and even a healthy and natural banana skin takes 6 months.

So, if you want to do your bit to help the mountains we all love then join in.

See here for a list of events and participating resorts.

140 events across Europe140 events across Europe

















In a related environmental story there has also been a clearing up operation going on at a slightly higher altitude; Mount Everest.

A team of sherpas has carried away 2 tons of discarded camping gear, climbing equipment and other rubbish.

They even brought down the bodies of climbers who perished on the mountain face and whose bodies had been left where they fell.

Fortunately this season on Everest has been a very safe one with records beaten for climbing rather than tragedy.

Ski rubbishSki rubbish

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