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So how do they put up a cable car?
Monday November 22, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

Val Thorens has just taken down an old one and installed a new one. The new one has cost a cool €700,000. We have the pictures. Quite an event.

Most of us probably don't give it a second thought as we step into a lift to be whisked up the mountain for the next run down.

We chat, laugh, look out of the window and then a few minutes later arrive. 

The cable car though is quite a feat of engineering.

At the weekend the highest resort in Europe, Val Thorens, took out the old Cime Caron cable car and put in the new one.

It goes up to a height of 3,200m

The old one was installed in 1982 and at the time was the largest in the world.

Out with the oldOut with the old















In with the newIn with the new












The new lift can carry 150 people up its 2.1km journey. It will travel 900 vertical metres at a speed of 10 metres per second.

The views will be spectacular through its glass. 

Apparently it is possible to see 1,000 peaks from the summit.

Long journey up the mountainLong journey up the mountain












Then a craneThen a crane

















In positionIn position

















At the top is a superb black run and a huge amount of fresh powder when the conditions are right.  It promises to provide enjoyment to many, many people over its lifetime.

The new lift is using the same cables and pylons as the old lift.

Quite a structure at the topQuite a structure at the top













Heading for retirementHeading for retirement













And here's a bit of history about the lift if you interested in a few facts and figures:

1982: The largest cable car in the world is built: the 150-seater Cime Caron.

1997: First equipment renovation and cabin refurbishment takes place.

2007: cable car departure station redesigned in typical Savoyard style, using wood and stone, with a range of new services on offer including access for disabled skiers, escalators, toilets...

2010: 2 top-of-the-range, high-comfort, panoramic, large windowed cabins installed to replace the previous ones.

For the spirit of the mountains

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