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Parents in bedside vigil
Wednesday March 2, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

The mother and father of a 14-year old boy seriously injured in a chairlift accident in Chatel, France, have spoken of their son. Kieran Brooks is fighting for his life and is in a coma.

The freak accident happened when the schoolboy's rucksack became caught as the attempted to get of the L'Echo Alpin chairlift in the resort in Portes du Soleil last week.

He was on a school trip and was on the lift with friends.

He was left dangling over the ground as the lift continued round and it started to descend. The straps and his clothes are though to have got trapped around his neck cutting off his oxygen supply.

By the time the rescue authorities were able to free him he was unconscious and he is now in an induced coma in hospital in Annecy. His parents flew out to be with him.

In a statement to the media his parents, Cindy and Nick, have paid tribute to their son.

"Kieran is a lovely, polite, intelligent boy with great potential and we are devastated by this tragic accident. We would like to thank everybody for their best wishes, support and prayers."

The school trip, from Torquay Boys' Grammar School returned home a day early and all the group are now back in the UK.

Special services have been held at the school and counceling has been made available to all the pupils on the ski trip.

"At the moment Kieran remains in a coma in Annecy hospital where his mum and dad are keeping vigil. Kieran is fighting for his life," said the head teacher of Torquay Boys' Grammar School, Roy Pike.

In a letter to parents Mr Pike confirmed that the French police had interviewed some of the boys on the trip and mobile phone video footage of the accident had been taken by the police who are investigating the incident.

In the letter the school asked parents and pupils not to 'make communication about the incident through any media channel such as Facebook in deference and respect for Kieran and his family'.

The boy's uncle and aunt, who had been skiing in a ski resort nearby, rushed to Annecy hospital when they heard of the accident.

They are returning with Kieran's younger sister, Zoe, who had also been at the hospital in Annecy following the accident on Wednesday last week.

It is believed the medical team tried unsuccessfully to bring him out of the induced coma and it is believed he may be flown back to the UK for further treatment at a local hospital.

On the first day back at school after the group returned, assemblies were held with the teenager's favourite music playing and prayers said.

The school played Kieran's favourites Rockstar and Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are in the school assemblies.

We reported on the accident earlier on PlanetSKI. For further details see here and here.

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