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Skiing with a disability - Jane Peel, Sestriere, Italy
Monday March 26, 2012 - Email this article to a friend

When winter approaches those of us who are fanatical about skiing can't wait to get on the slopes. It is not so easy for people with a disability. The organisation Disability Snowsports UK is on hand to help. Jane Peel reports from Sestriere in Italy.

For most of us the biggest decision is when and where to go.

But there is a large group of people just as enthusiastic about their skiing who rely totally on the work of a charity to get them onto the mountains.    

Thirty years ago a doctor set up a charity called The Uphill Ski Club to take children with cerebral palsy on a ski trip.

The Uphill Ski Club eventually became Disability Snowsports UK, DSUK. 

Its vision is that skiers and snowboarders with a disability should be able to participate in their sport as equals alongside the able-bodied.

DSUK now has ski schools in every indoor centre in the UK and at Cairngorm, and runs ski holidays in Europe and America in partnership with the tour operator, Crystal.

See more in the video below from PlanetSKI reporter, Jane Peel.


Sam and LauraSam and Laura













Sarah and AlexSarah and Alex













Meanwhile if you want to see what can be achieved by a person with disabilities see this PlanetSKI story of the first known back flip in a sit-ski.

Quite an achievement.

And for details of the programme run by CrystalSKI for people with a disability who want to ski then see here.

For the spirit of the mountains

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