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Saving money with ski hire
Monday October 15, 2012 - Email this article to a friend

If you book online and in advance you can save 50% on snowsports equipment hire with Intersport. It includes the savings on hefty airport baggage fees.

The cost of transporting skis and snowboards is getting prohibitively expensive with some airlines.

Perhaps it is better therefore to hire.

Swiss is the only major carrier that offers it for free - otherwise it can cost well over £100 return.

Next winterr Ryanair will charge £120 to take a ski bag to the Alps and back.

We are just checking the figures for the other carriers but last winter easyJet charged £50 return if you pre-booked online, otherwise it was £60 at the check-in desk.

Ryanair took £80 from you online or £100 at the airport.

BA charged £30. The charter airlines also charged.

Add to that the cost of purchasing the equipment in the first place and getting it serviced then it is not surprising more people are looking at renting.

Long gone are the days when poor gear was on offer and some of the skis might have been better suited to a museum.

The equipment available for hire is good quality and frequently this year's models.

Then there is the opportunity to exchange it if it is not suitable or if it dumps with snow and you want a pair of fat powder skis.

This year here at PlanetSKI we have teamed up with Intersport for ski and snowboard rental in France.

The company has shops across all the major resorts in the French Alps and Pyrenees.

It has a new online device that allows you to work out the savings made - the so-called Ski & Snowboard Hire Calculator.

So what exactly is the 'Ski & Snowboard Hire Calculator'.

It asks people the number of days they expect to spend on the snow, together with the number of individuals in their party, and it compares this cost against the mean average ski baggage charge levied by the airlines.

The calculator's digital 'print-out receipt' includes links, which explain the figures in further detail. 

See below -

Money to be savedMoney to be saved

















"The savings on offer are staggering. The average family of four, for example, on the snow for six days, stands to save in excess of £128. A group of eleven on a weekend ski trip would save as much as £717," said a spokesperson for Intersport.

Now here at PlanetSKI we like using our own equipment but it begs a simple question.

"Is it worth the money?"

Register for the Intersport newsletter and save even more with further loyalty discounts.

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