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New Year in the Alps
Monday December 31, 2012 - Email this article to a friend

There is no finer place to be than the Alps and in our opinion at PlanetSKI one of the best places to be is Verbier in Switzerland. The firework displays go on for hours, the town has a very special atmosphere and we are pleased to say we welcomed 2013 at the Place Central. Again. Hic.

Now we are sure there are many amazing places to be and parties to be enjoyed. We hope all of you reading this had a memorable time on Monday.

But here at PlanetSKI we like seeing in the New Year in our home resort in the Alps; Verbier.

There is no finer place to be.

We have lost count of the number of times we have stood cheering in the Place Central unsure if it is soon to be midnight, is midnight or it happened a few minutes ago.

We love it.

Thousands of people flock to the main square. There is no official party, firework display or concert. Just people up for a party.

It happens spontaneously.

We poured into town to drink champagne from the bottle, hug random strangers and set off rockets in the snow.

You need to have your wits about you as people are simply throwing fireworks around. Health & Safety would never allow this to happen in the UK.

The jumping jacks were the ones to be avoided, but this year it was slightly tamer than usual.

There were though over 12,000 people in the centre of the town on Monday night according to official figures.

Place Central, VerbierPlace Central, Verbier













Party timeParty time














Up in the posh chalets above town the multi-millionaires compete to put on the best displays.

Great for them as they flaunt their money and egos and even better for the rest of us down in town. 

We are treated to dozens of free displays, cheering on the best ones.

The display from Paddy McNally went on for 15 minutes and was truly spectacular. 

There are the usual drunk youths climbing up lamps posts with little and sometimes nothing on. And what happens when they get to the top?

They get pelted with snowballs.

This year there is enough snow in town to keep the thousands happy as they become prime targets.

The police treat it low-key but they around mainly for crowd control duties. No incidents were reported on Monday night.

Earlier the make-shift stalls that sprung up in town are not selling coloured sparklers and tame catherine wheels. They are selling rockets.

Serious ones.

Fancy a bang tonight?Fancy a bang tonight?













Several hours later it is like the whole town is ablaze.

There were so many displays it was hard to know where to look.

Happy New Year!

Happy New YearHappy New Year













There were, of course, good parties elsewhere across the mountains and we have been sent a few images.

Val d'IsereVal d'Isere, France












innsbruck, AustriaInnsbruck, Austria











TignesTignes, France












While here is a video of the party in Tignes

We will be updating this story later and will have reports and more pictures from across the mountains from our readers and reporters.

Once they have nursed their hangovers.

For the spirit of the mountains

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