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Severe flooding in French Pyrenees
Thursday June 20, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

Heavy rain combined with melting snow have produced devastating floods in SW France. The Catholic shrine of Lourdes has been badly affected and ski resorts have been hit. In the Canadian Rockies there has also been severe flooding.

In South West France rivers have burst their banks with bridges, roads and buildings badly affected. 

Whole campsites have been washed away.

The ski resort of Bareges has seen people leave their homes and businesses after days of heavy rain have swollen rivers.

In all 2,000 people in the area have been advised to find alternative shelter due to threat of flooding.

The rain is continuing but it is set to ease at the weekend with floodwater receeding.

The French Pyrenees had huge levels of snow last winter and now it is melting or being washed away by the rain.

For pictures of the damage see this story.

The situation in Lourdes has been described as "catastrophic".

Lourdes under waterLourdes under water












See the flooding in the You Tube video below.

More than 50 hotels have been damaged and floodwater has left deep mud in many nearby villages including Saint-Beat, Villelongue and Luz Saint-Sauveur.

The ski resort of Cauterets has escaped some of the worst of the flooding but heavy rain is still falling.

It will have an impact on the summer tourist industry but here at PlanetSKI we are planning to be in the French Pyrenees later this summer.

We have no intention of changing our plans or adjusting our schedule.

Cauterets, French PyreneesCauterets, French Pyrenees












Earlier this month the ski resort of Porte Puymorens re-opened after fresh snow fell and much still remained - we reported on it at the time.

The photos below come from the time.

Porte PuymorensSaturday, June 1st












June 1stWet and muddy













Now much has melted or been washed down the mountainside.

We will be updating this story later so do check back.

Earlier this month the Alps were badly affected by severe flooding. One of the worst hit areas was Austria as we reported in this story here on PlanetSKI.

Here is the latest video of the flooding we have seen.

Meanwhile there has also been severe flooding in Canada.

There have also been some dreadful floods in and around Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

One of the worst affected places was the mountain community of Canmore.

For the spirit of the mountains

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