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3 steps to Heaven; Step 3 - James Cove, Grand Bornand
Monday July 29, 2013 - Email this article to a friend

James Cove and his 14-year old son, Max, are in the Lake Annecy Ski Resorts. Here is their third and final blog - sent from the tree tops. One of them was slightly more at ease 20m up in the forest than the other.

On day one the pair sampled the ropes of Grand Borand.

Then on day two it was mountain biking around La Clusaz.

Now is something more challenging on their mission to see what is on offer for families on a summer alpine holiday - a rope course in the woods.

The green and blue routes were OK, but what about the red and black?

James is fine on blacks runs when they have snow on, but what about when the black is a thin piece of wire strung between a couple of trees?

In the woodsIn the woods












Day Three

The first route seemed fairly simple as I was securely surrounded by netting, but I knew it was only lulling me into a false sense of security.

In the distance, and higher up (much higher) I could see wire.

on a tight-ropeOn a tight-rope












There are 55 different activities and routes.

Around 1,000m of steel wire was tied up in the trees.

"We open in 2006 and now have 12,000 people coming each year. None have been seriously injured, just a few minor cuts and bruises," said the owner and the man who built it, Domninique Pessey.

As I we moved from the blue routes to the more difficult red ones, I thought to myself that is always a first time.

Max though was in his element swinging from ropes, whizzing down zip wires and laughing at his old man.

on the wireOn the wire












Monkeying aboutMonkeying about












One happy boyOne happy boy













Holding on tightHolding on tight












High wire actHigh wire act












I managed to get about half way round the course and then came something I couldn't quite manage - a bike in the trees. Max laughed at me and jumped aboard - I took a different route mumbling something about needing to get a photograph.

It was the perfect excuse as I obviously needed some pictures of Max on the black route.

"You chicken," was Max's opinion of his cowardly Dad.

Back in the saddleIn the saddle











After the adrenalin of the high wires we came down to earth with a spot of crazy golf. 

I won but hitting a golf ball between the legs of a steel skier was not quite the same as cycling on high steel wires.

I had been humiliated.

Crazy golfCrazy golf












Max earned his lunch.

Easy to pleaseWell deserved












I hadn't, but I had some anyway.

Tucking in Undeserved












But I did feel that I deserved some refreshment; it was thirsty work up in the trees.













Our family mountain holiday in La Clusaz, Grand Bornand, Saint Jean de Sixt and Manigod had been a resounding success and if you missed the first blog then see here - What a Laugh!

Who needs a beach when you have the mountains?

A week of family funA week of family fun
















For a video of what is on offer at the family festival then see below.

For more information about the resorts featured in the trip follow the links below:

Grand Bornand

La Clusaz


St Jean de Sixt

For the spirit of the mountains

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