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Who is Jenny Jones?
Sunday February 9, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

She has just won our first medal on snow at a Winter Olympic Games. She is not exactly a household name, but she is about to become one in the next 24 hours.

The BBC commentator, Ed Leigh, gave a simple description of Jenny in his Sochi commentary; "She has a face that can help bread rise."

He was of course referring to her fabulous smile and behind that a wonderful personality. 

At 33-years old Jenny has been on the pro-snowboarding circuit for over a decade and is one of the most popular riders in a tight-knit group of athletes.

She has been at the top of her game for many years and has won an X-Games gold medal three times.

Last season she was 6th in the World Championships and this year took silver in the first World Cup event of the winter.

She is a seasoned pro.

Here at PlanetSKI we witnessed her gold at the X Games in Tignes in 2010 - see here for our video interviews with her.

We were with her when she tried to defend it the following year and didn't manage to.

She spoke afterwards to PlanetSKI reporter, Jane Peel.

We also met up with her as she trained to be a snowsports instructor in Hintertux with BASI as she planned for a career once her competition days were over.

Doing her homeworkDoing her homework














For the record she passed. Wink

Seeing her in Tignes at the X-Games was particularly appropriate as she used to work in the French resort as a chalet girl when she left college.

She didn't actually take up snowboarding until she was 17 after her local dry slope, Churchill in Somerset, offered free lesssons.

It seemed like a good idea at the time and she was hooked.

She was born in Downend in Bristol on July 3rd 1980.

At school she was a keen athlete where she competed in 400m, long jump and cross country.

In the summer you can usually find her in Devon and Cornwall where she practices the other love of her life - surfing.

Last summer she was touring the West Country in a VW camper van in between her training.

She also fractured her ankle last summer and it threw her Sochi perparations into the air - with good medical treatment and support from British Ski and Snowboard she returned.

Slopestyle is not without risks.

jThe other side of fameThe other side of fame

















In her preparations for the Olympics she made a number of personal sacrifices - she has banned herself from wearing high heels and doing any Irish dancing as she has been injured doing both, though we are unsure if she was doing both at the same time.

When competing she is notoriously focused before the event.

She doesn't like talking to the press or having a camera pointed at her. 

Some laugh and joke before competition - she is quiet and in her zone.

She prefers her parents not to watch either and she has banned them from previous snowboarding events even though they often turn up anyway.

On Sunday, at Sochi, she suspected they had made the journey to Russia and were in the crowd, but she had not made any contact with them. 

The TV coverage showed her father in the crowd with a union flag.

Hold on to your hat DadHold on to your hat Dad











Afterwards they were re-united live on BBC TV; see here for that emotional family moment.

Family momentFamily moment











Here at PlanetSKI we have met many snowsports athletes over the years and Jenny is one of the best.

And if you need any help with getting your bread to rise she may be able to help - but get your request in quickly as her diary, as Britain's first snowsports medal winner, is about to get rather full.

Once she stops celebrating.

Celebrating with Team GB Photos c/o Katie SummerhayesCelebrating with Team GB. Photo c/o Katie Summerhayes
















For the spirit of the mountains

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