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PlanetSKI story hits a nerve
Tuesday June 3, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

Earlier this week we supported the idea of parents taking a child out of school for a ski holiday and detailed the benefits a child could receive. It has received overwhelming support.

We are a ski website so, in many ways, we are preaching to the converted.

People reading PlanetSKI are keen skiers and snowboarders, but many are also parents and want the best education for their kids.

Not one of the comments we have received on our Facebook pages or the emails we have received has backed the government's new stance.

The new law, that fines parents for taking their child out of school for a holiday, came into force for this winter. 

Here are a few comments on the original story from over on Facebook:

"A week in the mountains is the best geography, social, physical, language and cultural lesson any child can have. Better than any a text book," Konrad Bartelski.

"Wonderful article. I took my son out of school 3 years ago to experience a ski holiday. As a 1st time skiier on the mountain he wouldn't have coped with the numbers of people there in the half term and it's expensive as it is let alone that week. He learned a lot there and missing 1 week of school a year is hardly very much? Nothing that can't be caught up on. Home educated students can go away as part of their education so why not in - school educated children. Plus schools do school trips skiing so why can't a student go with his or her parent instead!" Lynne Male.

"Do the Government own our children? It would seem so if you send them to a state school," Tony Griffiths.

"Mine are now under the crazy new system and it makes me v v sad. Heads discretion should be given back without a doubt," Vanessa Fisher.

"Great piece, James. I shelled out a ridiculous amount on a half term holiday with my two boys, but it was worth it because of the learning experience we all had. I wouldn't be able to afford it every year and there are many that wouldn't be able to afford it ever. But it seems to me that if parents can prove a holiday has some educational/social benefit head teachers should be able to make favourable decisions," Lewis Panther.

"Yes I agree wholeheartedly having read this article. who are these people to blanket rule us?" Brett Walter Simons.

"We learned more from traveling than we ever missed in school," Janis Williams.

For the original story from the PlanetSKI content editor, James Cove, then see here. 

His three children are now 20, 17 and 15 and he details the benefits his eldest son Alex has had from skiing and snowsports. 

And the times he was taken out of school.

"All holidays are educational when you are abroad, it gives the experience of different languages, cultures, food, wildlife, environment and hospitality. I've learned a load of different things from going to Austria and other countries every year for 30+ years from being a kid," Jonathan Miller-Cole.

"Totally with you, James. And one of my sons has chosen a career in the sport he loves so much - skiing. Passion. Commitment. Dedication. Joy. Sharing. To work in a job that gives you so much pleasure is an achievement for sure. We took him and his brother out of primary school for ski trips, believing that language, learning, socialisation, experience and sport were well worth it. And it was. Big time," Sue Freeman.

"I and many of my friends and peers took time out of school to go skiing as kids (especially in that early January week after NY). I managed to get a degree and a masters and much more importantly a fulfilling career in an amazing industry! Is education important? Of course, but as many have said education is not all about school. Great shame if my 3 year old son won't have the opportunities I had. Isn't good government all about expanding opportunities?" James Gambrill.

"I hate to think how many weeks of school my brother and I missed at Christmas and Easter to pursue our passion. I remember parents getting the support of school on the understanding that school work would have to be caught up on and completed," Tania Alliod.

"We always had to do a project of some sort and find stuff out when we went away in school time - seems sensible," Charlotte Swift.

If you want to read further comments or join in the debate then here is the PlanetSKI Facebook page.

While James has also posted the story on his personal Facebook page.

For the spirit of the mountains

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