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Chalet company offers teacher discounts
Wednesday November 12, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

A UK based company is offering a 25% discount to teachers and a further 10% to their family or friends that travel with them. It claims they are hard hit by having to take a break during the expensive school holiday period.

The Chalet Company offers holidays to Merbel in France.

It says it is responding to complaints from teachers that they can only take a snowsports holiday when prices have been inflated by the tour operators

More than 150,000 UK teachers recently signed a petition to demand that holiday companies stop charging higher prices during the school holidays.

"Everyone knows that teachers don't get paid enough for what they do, let alone enough to meet the staggering prices they are charged during holiday time, so we wanted to show them our appreciation by offering them a discount for a stay with the Chalet Company during the Easter holidays," said the co-founder of The Chalet Company, Phil Purdie.

The 25% discount could reduce the cost of a ski holiday for teachers by as much as £112.50.

The whole issue of term-time holidays and the cost of a holiday in the busy holiday period is a subject of hot debate. 

Last week two parents were fined for taking a term-time holidays as we reported here.

There have also been recent calls for a common-sense approach by the National Association of Head Teachers; see here for our story.

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