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Happy New Year from Verbier!
Wednesday December 31, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

Thousands and thousands of people packed the main square to welcome in 2015. Verbier was on fire. Once again PlanetSKI was there on New Years Eve.

There is no ski resort that does New Year's Eve quite like Verbier.

The build-up begins as darkness falls and the sun dips behind the distant peaks.

The final day of 2014 draws to a close.

Sun sets on 2014Sun sets on 2014













It is cue for perhaps the longest firework display of them all to start.

As we skied down in the dusk the first fireworks were shooting skywards from the village.

There is no single organised display but every chalet and apartment seems to hold its own.

Some are just a couple of rockets and others somewhat over the top as the jet set of Europe compete to see who can hold the best one in their multi-million euro chalets overlooking the resort.

In the preceeding days stalls spring up around town like mushrooms selling fireworks.

Serious fireworks.

Getting readyGetting ready













They go like hotcakes and then throughout pretty much the whole evening there is a constant stream of fireworks shooting up into the sky.

It starts off fairy quietly.

Verbier awaitsVerbier awaits













It's startingIt's starting













At about 11 O'Clock people drift into the Place Central.

The Place CentralThe Place Central













And as midnight approaches it is packed and still the fireworks are set off. 

Then there is the mayhem!

As some of the crowd head off to the clubs and bars the serious partying begins in the main square, with a DJ  fuelling the crowd and a few people getting their own prime spots.

The party startsThe party starts













We will bring you more photos from Verbier and elsewhere round the mountains later as 2015 is welcomed in.

Breckenridge, USABreckenridge, USA












Trysil, NorwayTrysil, Norway












Happy New Year from Verbier!

For the spirit of the mountains

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