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How to find ski heaven
Saturday May 16, 2015 - Email this article to a friend

A new online service is to be launched to help people hook up with the best guides and instructors. In winter and summer.

The company, Ongosa, aims to take the hassle and risk out of finding the best professionals in the mountains.

It is compiling a list of handpicked pros to help you find the best.

It launches for next winter and has released some details to PlanetSKI.

Ongosa is the Swahili word meaning to guide or lead.

Its mission is to make adventure sports more accessible by providing better access to new experiences, knowledge and terrain.

"If it's backcountry, remote, beautiful and fun we're into it," said the founder of Ongosa, Richard Smith.
















He has written a longer feature for PlanetSKI on what the company is about and his motivation for doing it; see here for that article.

The clients benefit as they can find guides & instructors based on relevant selection criteria - sport, geography, language, fitness and skill level and reviews.

They can view content, plan routes, share ideas with their group and guide, book and pay.

Guides benefit as they can connect directly with potential clients and view their history allowing them to gauge expertise and tailor trips.

Ongosa hopes to provide guides with more clients for less effort, reduce their marketing burden thus giving them more time to guide, earn money and take payments.
















For the spirit of the mountains

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