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New run for Les2Alpes
Tuesday June 9, 2015 - Email this article to a friend

It is not often a new blue ski run is trumpeted quite so loudly, but it is at the French resort. However not everyone is happy and the works are linked to recent flooding in town after heavy rain.

The high-altitude French glacier resort is a bit topsy-turvey. 

Normally the easy ski runs are at the bottom of a resort and the steeper terrain at the top.

In Les2Alpes it is the other way round and beginners and intermediates have had to negotiate a red or a black run to get back down to the village.

There is a green run but it is narrow and often crowded and icy too.

This summer a new route is being opened up which means there will be a blue run from the glacier. 

It has been 20 years in the planning and is costing €10m.

550,000 cubic metres of earth and rock are being moved and 12,000 trees planted.

It will be a significant improvement to the route down the mountain and end a longtime criticism that it is awkward for beginners and intermediates ot return to the resort.

The works though have caused some problems and believed to have contributed to flooding in the town as the water can not currently run off the mountain in the same way.

It followed very high levels of rain.

There was some flooding a few weeks ago and this was the scene in town at the weekend after heavy rain.

Les2Alpes, FranceLes2Alpes, France













While below is a report on France TV about the flooding.

But despite the current issues the resort says the works are significant.

It says they are more important in the long run than the construction of a new lift.

"This investment is more beneficial than a new ski lift because it means completely reconfiguring the ski area and the summer area for mountain biking to provide simplified return access to the resort, and gives visitors the chance to ski between altitudes of 3,600 metres and 1,600 metres solely on easy runs and above all, it makes the journey back to the resort safer," said a statement from the resort.

Work is continuing throughout the summer with a completion date of October.

The run is due to open on December 5th.

It is the largest earth moving operation ever done at a ski resort in the Alps.

PlanetSKI will be in the resort in early July for some summer skiing and mountain biking and we will also be reporting back on the project.

Works above townWorks above town














However not everyone is happy with the new run and the works taking place.

As well as the flooding problems some locals say it is unnecessary and is causing some environmental damage to the mountain. 

Most people though welcome the development as it will open up the area for many more skiers and snowboarders who will be able to return to the resort on snow instead of taking the lift down.

Regular PlanetSKI reader, Charlotte Swift, who lives in the resort year-round has posted the following comment on Facebook.

"The earthworks have affected the water evactuation from the mountain and flooded the centre of town! Anyone with underground garages/ski stores in the centre has now been totally flooded and covered in mud! Are we getting excited? No - destruction of the mountain for just another 'road' places where the incline will be strong red, and 10m or so wide ... If a mountain doesn't have a blue slope you shouldn't wreck the mountain to create it. Nice red (Vallons) that used to be called blue at the Diable end - some good cannons etc would have made a big difference. Widen the Demosiselles to twice the width and the green would be much more skiable ... 4 ways to download from the Cretes + a much bigger vertical drop than most resorts have to start with WITHOUT skiing down from the Cretes .... Sorry - this is vandalism."

If you live in the resort or know it well then feel free to add your thoughts over on the PlanetSKI Facebook page.

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