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Do be so childish
Thursday December 3, 2015 - Email this article to a friend

Have adults forgotten how to be children? Yes, according to one family ski operator who wants to do something about it.

The family ski operator, Esprit Ski, is on a mission this winter to get the nation enjoying life more.

By thinking like a child.

We all know that kids apparently have no fear on the ski slopes and skiing and snowboarding simply comes naturally.

Just ask a ski instructor.

Recent research shows that 72% of parents claim their children are more fearless than themselves and around 25% admit that their fears have affected their children.   

When trying something new adults tend to hold back, being more cautious and rational.

This is often the case with ski holidays as parents can be nervous whilst the children throw themselves into the new experience wholeheartedly.

Check out the video below made by Esprit Ski that shows the differences between adults and children.

And see here for more on how you might be able to re-discover your inner child.

"Thinking like a child and embracing a first-time experience can help you to enjoy it and put aside all that apprehension. For kids, most of their experiences are new, so they feel less fear than adults when being introduced to something, regardless of how dangerous or unusual it may be," said a spokesperson from Esprit Ski.

When trying something new adults tend to hold back, being more cautious.

When asked to describe the three things that adults are best at children said:

1. Cooking  2. Working  3. Looking after people

Whereas adults think children are best at:

1. Being fearless  2. Being creative  3. Trying new things

Go on... release the inner child in yourself! Smile

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