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Happy New Year!
Friday January 1, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

There is no finer place to see in the New Year than a ski resort. PlanetSKI once again celebrated in the Place Centrale in Verbier.

It is perhaps one of the best places to be in the Alps.

The festivities in Verbier get underway as darkness falls in the late afternoon and there is pretty much a continuous and sporadic firework diplay as every chalet seems to hold its own private firework party.

The sky is lit up for hours on end.

In the 2 hours or so before midnight people drift into the main square.

A few bring fireworks to the square and try to set them off before the authorities confiscate them.

Verbier, SwitzerlandFreelance displays















The all bring drink.  And the volume of the music gets ever louder.

Then at midnight this happens.

Hunderds of bottles of sparkling wine are sprayed into the air - though as it is Verbier a few people probably spray champagne.

And the place goes seriously wild!

Verbier, SwitzerlandVerbier, Switzerland















Verbier, SwitzerlandVerbier, Switzerland















Pump up the volumePump up the volume














Time to partyTime to party















More fireworks light up the night sky as the serious displays get underway up at the multi-million pound chalets above the Swiss resort.

While the resort of us stand back and admire as they try to out do each other.

Verbier, SwitzerlandVerbier, Switzerland















Verbier, SwitzerlandVerbier, Switzerland















Here at PlanetSKI we have a few pictures from around the mountains:

Tignes, FranceTignes, France














Arc 1950, FranceArc 1950, France














Snowbird, USASnowbird, USA

















Happy New Year! Smile

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For the spirit of the mountains

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