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New competitions in the UK
Friday July 22, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

Championship Ski and Snowboard launch two new one-off competitions for UK indoor and dry slope scene. The UK scene is getting bigger and bigger.

GB Park and Pipe's domestic snowsports league, Championship Ski and Snowboard, is rolling out two one-off competitions following an increased demand to be part of CSS from UK indoor and dry slopes across the country. 

CSS Battle Royale is aimed at slopes that were not able to be part of the CSS League this year, and CSS Micro Machines, aimed at snowboarders and skiers under 12.

For CSS Battle Royale Coach/Managers are invited to enter either a team of 3, which must include at least one female.

Each team member will have the chance to film and submit their best kicker trick, rail trick and ex trick.

As well as awards being made for Gold, Silver, and Bronze teams, the top slopes will be considered for invite into next year's CSS League.

"When we started searching for teams for CSS, we had so many teams all over the country wanting to take part.  It was hard to turn them away so Battle Royale is a way for everyone to have a chance of getting involved with the CSS format.  It should also indicate who the super motivated crews are around the UK which should help when we come to draw up the 2017 CSS league," said Josie McNamara from CSS.

The move follows a developing snowsports scene here in the UK that is bringing real results for the GB freesylers in competition as we have reported on here on PlanetSKI.

The images below were taken today, Friday 22nd June, and show a busy slope at The Snow Centre at Hemel Hemsptead and the features ready for the freestylers.

The Snow Centre, Hemel HempsteadThe Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead
















Part of the funparkPart of the funpark

















For the under 12 riders, a brand new competition specifically for the groms has been set up called CSS Micro Machines competition.

Coach/Managers or parents are invited to enter any under 12 skiers or snowboaders by submitting video footage of their best kicker trick and rail trick.

All footage will then be judged, edited and released in September and there will be prizes and awards for the best girl and best boy from snowboard and from ski.

McNamara went onto comment about the new CSS Micro Machines competition:

"Micro Machines has come about because we have been blown away about the amount of groms and super groms taking part in CSS.  We reckon there are even more out there that we don't even know about so Micro Machines is a way for those kids to get involved in CSS.  Hopefully it will be a nice project over the schools holidays as any kid under 12 can enter!  They just need to send us a kicker trick and a rail trick.  It's a stripped back version of CSS but we are so excited to see what footage we get back!"

New competitions for CSSNew competitions for CSS









To find out more information and to enter the competitions visit the following links:

CSS Battle Royale:

CSS Micro Machines:

CSS is endorsed by GB Park & Pipe and supported through The Snowboard Asylum, Ellis Brigham, Delancey as well The National Lottery, UK Sport and national governing bodies Snowsport England, Snowsport Scotland and Snowsport Wales.

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