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55 ski resorts have a clear up
Saturday September 12, 2009 - Email this article to a friend

The environmental group, Mountain Riders, has mobilised 3,500 volunteers to pick up 30 tonnes of rubbish in 55 ski resorts across Europe.

There were cans, plastic wrappers, single-use products, bottles, paper, batteries, metal and cables, PET bottles and, of course, the ever-present cigarette ends.

The sheer quantity of cigarette butts received special mention from Mountain Riders with 30,000 cigarette ends found under just one chairlift.

The amount of waste collected was nearly doubles last years total of 17 tonnes.

Keep it cleanKeep it cleanThe idea of the Mountain Riders' campaign is both to clean up the slopes and raise awareness of the harm dropping litter does.

The group hopes that dropping rubbish on the slopes becomes a thing of the past.

"It is vital for everybody to bring their own litter back down from the mountains then take their rubbish to the closest sorting bins," said Steward Sheppard, from Mountain Riders.

"To take things further, we can all try to choose products supplied in packaging that can be easily re-used or recycled and where possible products that have little or no packaging at all."

The number of volunteers was up by 1,000 on last winter which Mountain Riders believe is clear proof that raising awareness is key in getting people involved.

For the Spirit of the Mountains

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