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This autumn the ski instructor, Warren Smith, and his Academy team are touring around the UK giving a series of Ski Technique Lab talks. If you want to improve this may well help. UPDATE

The lectures are held in October in Ellis Brigham stores across the UK.

The Ski Technique Lab talks have been given out in the Academy's home resort of Verbier - see here for an earlier PlanetSKI report - and now they are being rolled out on home soil.

The talks explain the 3- Way Lineage (Ski Technique/Ski Biomechanics/Ski Equipment Precision) and why it's vital for ski technique development.

It can help unlock classic blocks in skier movement patterns.

People can also have a personal range test assessment.

The '3 Way Foundation' tests will give you a chance to be assessed by the team and identify your specific movement ranges and what you need to do to either balance out difference between right and left side of the body or to generally improve range.

"You'll have enough information to build your own technique development program off snow and dramatically change your skiing before the winter season starts," said Warren.

The first one has taken place in Glasgow.

Warren Smith Ski AcademyWarren Smith Ski Academy















Warren Smith Ski AcademyWarren Smith Ski Academy












See what it is all about in the PlanetSKI video interview below that we recorded with Warren at last year's London Ski & Snowboard Show.


The Academy's SKI TECHNIQUE LAB creates the closer link between the ski client, the ski coach and the ski manufacturer by looking at ski technique and a skier's progression not just by a single lineage, classically Ski Technique, but via a '3 Way Lineage', where Ski Technique, Ski Biomechanics and Ski Equipment Precision work in unison.

This reduces the risk of injury, enhances performance safely and ultimately guarantee's technique development. 

The underlying statement being that whatever type of ski coaching you're receiving, it will never just work by focusing on technique alone, it has to have biomechanical movement range and equipment assessed at the same time.

You can't tell a skier to finish off their turns if their legs simply don't have the steering range.

This is a core element of the Academy's coaching DNA.


Warren and his team are always researching and refining ski technique to optimise results and progression.

During the courses in the late 1990's they were finding out that many skiers were inhibited in specific ranges of movement when trying to flex, keep symmetry and steer their skis.

Biomechanic and Equipment specific research lead to findings that nearly all skiers had these 3 main issues:

Warren Smith Ski AcademyWarren Smith Ski Academy














FLEX PATTERN - Lack of flexibility in the ankles and skiers leaning back whilst skiing .

This was always due to tight calves or ski boot flex and precision fit issues.

SYMMETRY - Lack of symmetry and stability in the legs often called an A-Frame.

This was due to muscles not being switched on to control the lateral movement in the legs and often ski boots without correct footbeds & incorrect canting angles

LEG STEERING RANGE - Lack of inward leg steering range which causes hip and upper body rotation.

This was very often skiers having tight muscles around the ball and socket joints

As a result of these findings the Academy developed the '3 Way Foundation' testing system incorporating the 'Drop Test' for flex pattern, the '10 Second Test' for symmetry and the 'Range Test' for improving inward leg steering range.  

Warren Smith Ski AcademyWarren Smith Ski Academy




















This clearly identifies the issues and prescribes a set of key exercises to correct, improve and unlock the skier's potential, thus resulting in a safer environment to enhance the skier's performance.

The cost of the '3 Way Lineage' lecture and '3 Way Foundation' testing system, where you'll be provided with the tools to build your own development program, is £8 per person for the evening.  

Each evening will commence at 7.30pm and run for approximately 2 hours. Ski show based lectures will be free of charge as part of your show entrance ticket.

To book the follow this link.

The tour will be taking place at Ellis Brigham stores around the UK this October and with the grand finale at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show. 

The dates for the tour are as follows:

6th October - Glasgow

7th October - Fort William

10th October - Castleford

11th October - Manchester

12th  October - Tamworth

17th October - Bristol

18th October - Milton Keynes

20th October - London - St Paul's

21st October - London - Kensington High St

24th October - London - Covent Garden

27th - 30th October - The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show


Warren Smith Ski AcademyWarren Smith Ski Academy













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