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Are there such things anymore? The so-called 'Budget Airlines' aren't really budget anymore but PlanetSKI partner, Ski-Flights, may be able to help. NEW

January prices to the Alps with Ski-Flights now vary between £99 and £149.

There has been a recent surge in people booking a ski holiday in January so prices have gone up recently, but there are still some good prices to be had.

Offering competitive prices against the scheduled airlines.

"In February we have chartered an extra 8 aircraft over the 11/12 Feb weekend with another 4 on the 18/19 Feb weekend. We still have some availability but its selling fast. Back in March when we first went on sale our prices would have been a lot cheaper," said David Lacy from Ski-Flights.

At the moment the cheapest half-term prices are:

Sat 11 Feb for 7 nights - Fly from Stansted to Salzburg on a BA charter flight for £449 return, including 20kgs of hold baggage.

Sat 11 Feb for 7 nights - Fly from Gatwick to Chambery on a Titan Airways charter flight from £499 return, including 20kgs of hold baggage

Sat 18 Feb for 7 nights - Fly from Birmingham to Chambery with Titan Airways from £379 return inc 20kgs bags

Sat 18 Feb for 7 nights - Fly from Gatwick to Chambery with Titan Airways from £229 return, including a 20kgs baggage allowance.

Sadly when Ski-Flights charters extra aircraft they are a lot more expensive than its normal flights.


On 11th February the aircraft operates full from London to the Alps and then it comes back empty.

On 18th February it operates empty to the Alps and come back full.

In other words it effectively flies an aircraft empty to/from the Alps over a 7-night period.

The company therefore has to pass this "empty leg" cost on to customers which partly explains the additional cost.

However supply and demand still play their part and half-term is still the busiest week of the year - although Easter is catching up fast.

"Our best advice is to book early. With our flights you can pay a deposit and then you don't have to pay the balance until 12 weeks before departure. So you can book half-term flights in March for the following Feb but not pay the balance until later in the year," said David Lacy.

Flights to the AlpsFlights to the Alps













So what are the tips for getting a cheaper flight to the Alps?

You can save a fortune if you are prepared to drive a bit further in the UK.

This year the North of the country is mainly on half-term on the 18th of Feb.

By driving a couple of hours you can save between £150 and £200 per person.

On 18th February there are afternoon flights from Gatwick which mean people  can drive to Gatwick in the morning and still be in the Alps by tea time.

And a final tip for half-term for independent skiers.

Always leave plenty of time for your return transfer.

Every half-term Ski-Flights says it has customers who miss flights because they didn't leave enough time to get from resort to the airport.

Transfer times at half-term can be double the usual time due to traffic and with all the flights full it is difficult to organise another flight if people miss their original one.

"Better to have a boring extra couple of hours at the airport than a stressful couple of hours stuck in a minibus!" added David Lacy.


Cheap ski flight to the AlpsCheap ski flight to the Alps





For more details about Ski-Flights see its web site here.

It is a partner of PlanetSKI and see here for more information about the company.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the world of snowsports.

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