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Brexit will have a huge impact on the UK travel industry and perhaps no more so than snowsports. PlanetSKI reports. NEW

The Association of British Travel Agents has set out a 5-point plan that it wants the government to focus on.

- The ability to travel freely within Europe and beyond.

- Keep visa-free travel between the UK and EU.

- Protect consumer rights.

- Give UK businesses operational stability.

- Seize opportunities for growth.

The demands are in its new report 'Making a Success of Brexit for Travel and Tourism'.

"As the UK begins to extricate itself from the European Union, we want to work with the Government to help them make Brexit a success. We believe that the benefits that UK holidaymakers currently enjoy, such as visa-free travel and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card should be prioritised and protected," said the ABTA Chief executive, Mark Tanzer.

"The Government must also make sure transition agreements are in place if needed. Travel and tourism is one of the UK's largest industries and it is vital that the Government makes sure it can continue to thrive during and after the negotiations," he added.

Some holidays go on sale up to 18 months in advance and ABTA is calling on the Government to ensure that effective transitional agreements with the EU are in place if needed.

For a full copy of the report then follow this link.

ABTA believes Brexit opens up possibilities for new partnerships and relationships and the opportunity to fine tune our laws and regulations in relation to travel, for example reducing Air Passenger Duty to ensure the UK has world-class connectivity.

By and large the UK snowsports industry is against Brexit and many voted and campaigned to stay in the EU.

Many tour operators worry about the free movement of labour as they rely on UK staff to work overseas in chalets and chalet hotels.

A falling exchange rate also pushes up the costs of a holiday.

But most we have canvassed in the industry are now pragmatic whatever their personal views.

They simply want a common-sense deal that makes the most of the new situation.

If you would like a copy of the report then send an email to and we will forward one on to you.

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