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What better way to mark your 100th birthday than to go skiing. Utah's Snowbird fired up a lift on 5th July for a very special centenarian. UPDATED


George Jedenoff was born the day after American Independence Day, and on 5th July 2017, he turned 100.

How did he celebrate? By skiing, of course.

He skied two runs at Snowbird Ski Resort.

On Wednesday he said, 'I'll keep skiing as long as I can, I find my balance is getting a little shakier'.

Watch George Jedenoff in action in his 100th birthday videos below.

He looks pretty solid to us.

George Jedenoff a stylish skier at 100George Jedenoff a stylish skier at 100















George started skiing at 43 and hasn't missed a year since.

Living in California and working in steel production in the '50s, he was transferred to work at a plant in Utah in 1960, aged 42.

Wondering what to do to fill time in the quieter state, he discovered that skiing was the big winter entertainment up in Alta and Snowbird.

He was taught by Earl Miller, the man who invented safe ski bindings.

George last skied on his birthday 20 years back when he turned 80, in Arrowsmith Range, New Zealand.

We caught up with George earlier this year when we posted the video below of him skiing at the age of ninety-nine-and-a-half.

He is truly awesome.


'What are you looking forward to the most while skiing this weekend?' Powder Magazine asked George in an exclusive interview last week:

Hopefully I can ski OK on that slush and not get hurt!

Just enjoy the company and three of my grandkids are going to be there. My son will be there. And I'll have a number of close friends.

Just to see them - it's nice to get all this applause.

When you're this age, you don't think anybody cares a darn about you anymore. It's kind of refreshing, a little overwhelming.

It makes you a reluctant celebrity.

It makes you feel good.

100 not out100 not out




















George tells Powder:

The thing about skiing now is that it's an incentive for me to stay in shape. I know that I want to be able to ski, and you have to be in shape to do it.

That motivates me to do my exercise everyday.


I haven't missed a year since 1960.

I haven't missed a year in the Wasatch Mountains -at Snowbird and Alta- all these years.

That's the best snow in the world.

I've skied in Europe. I've skied in South America. I've skied in a lot of places.

But that's the best if you love powder, and that's what I love.

I love powder. Next week it's not going to be powder, but that's alright.

Photo: Snowbird ski resort Facebook - 4th July celebrations 4th July celebrations

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