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'Prepare your body for our great sport': Recovering from injury or looking to better equip your body for skiing? BASS has some answers. NEW

What’s one of the best ways to prevent injury?

Prepare your body for the exercise it will do.

What we need: 

Commitment, year-round, to be active… 

Injury as we all know, big or small, can be disruptive and frustrating.

This is especially true if a long rehabilitation process is involved before even the physical training phase leading to the return to sport.

Sking well and skiing safely both require reasonable physical conditioning.

That is, if we don't put training in we will break...

The British Alpine Ski School (BASS) has created a thorough guide working on these elements to take into account when training: 

The elements we need to take into account during training are:

  • Aerobic fitness
  • Flexibility, coordination, agility
  • Balance
  • Strength & power

As we are training, at the end of the day, for a fun sport - the most, we'd say - the exercises likewise needn't miss the fun-factor.


"Your body has a miraculous ability to change. All you need to do is give it the opportunity and it will adapt," British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School.



The next step to consider on the topic of avoiding injury is to ski within your abilities.

It is an essential part of the code of conduct of the International Ski Federation (FIS) for all skiers and snowboarders.

This has got to be one of the main causes of injury in snowsports.

BASS suggests this:

  • Ski on the public pistes at 80%
  • Keep athletic capacity in reserve - this 20% will allow you to deal with unexpected occurences. 
  • We do this in gyms and on bikes, and we need to be aware to do the same on skis. 
  • As skiing has so many variables - the environment, for example - or other skiers and boarders on crowded pistes, the slightest thing can cause an accident. 

We need to take care, take it easy and have a good time! 



And the third way to avoid injury, according to BASS, is to learn to manage the forces of skiing.

These are:

  • Accurate and well-timed movements
  • Fully developed movement patterns
  • Direct the forces generated by the snow and skis
  • Read the terrain and snow -  respond using good technique and strategy

Very good skiers do the best thing, at the best time, in the most effective manner.

Be safe, ski well - have fun!

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