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MOONED IN SUN VALLEY - Katie Bamber, Sun Valley, Idaho
Monday August 21, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

PLANETSKI was in the resort of Sun Valley, Idaho at the centre of the eclipse belt. Celestial proceedings took place & we were looking skywards! NEW & UPDATED

It was one of the wildest and weirdest moments.

The entire eclipse took a couple of hours, from when the moon started blocking the sun first with just a dent, slowly reducing it to a crescent sun.

In the short moment when it was totally eclipsed you could see a perfect orange corona around the moon.

As seen from Sun ValleyAs seen from Sun Valley












Then the most impressive thing of all happenned in Sun Valley.

A cacophany of howls.

Those who had hiked or taken a lift up the surrounding hills of Dollar Mountain and Baldie were whooping and it resounded in the town below where I was.

Soon everyone was howling at the moon.

Taking the glasses off was magical.

The moon was big, and the light rays coming out from behind were coloured purple and green on different edges.

It was dark & dusky and there was no movement or noise until the united whooping started.

And then the sun began to appear again and life started.

All very quickly.

Katie Bamber, watching the last dent in the sun disappearPlanetSKI's Katie, watching the last dent in the sun disappear
















The hour-long run up built the excitement and as soon as the light was back to near-normal it was a line of cars leaving town and back to the games of the eclipse holiday.

PlanetSKI's viewing spotPlanetSKI's viewing spot
















The Limelight hotelThe Limelight hotel
















SV, IdahoPolicing the eclipse
















Sun ValleySet up, a quarter through
















Sun ValleyA photo from nearby city Boise




















Sun ValleySun Valley




















Lone sun gazerLone sun gazer
















Knob Hill, prime spotKnob Hill, prime spot
















One of the most magnetic things about the eclipse and morning was the cheer of the community.

Just as that word means, it was united.

And I can't think of better people than Americans to have spent it with.

American enthusiasm filled the air and the event brought out our best, impressed, but on-the-whole embarrassing, comments of awe.

There's something about taking away the sense of vision.

Everyone gazing up through opaque glasses, somehow voices got louder for everyone to hear.

'Hell yeah's and 'right on's came from all directions as well as some of these:

Overheard in the eclipse:

"Holy shit is that the moon?"

"You're looking the wrong way!"

"So are we basically just watching a big ball block out the sun?!"

Eclipse set upEclipse set up
















British photographer Gary, who took up his position on Ketchum's best terrace at the Limelight hotel, came from Southampton for the eclipse.

An eight-day journey on the Queen Mary II brought him to Sun Valley for the show.

Eclipse hunter Gary, travelled from the UKEclipse hunter Gary, travelled from the UK
















People watching during the eclipsePeople-watching during the eclipse was just as good














And check out this TV report from the town of Cascade in Idaho: 


Eclipse day - August 21st AM

Here in Sun Valley it's been the big conversation for weeks, longer...

Where'll you be during the blackout?

This is how dawn broke in Sun Valley today as we got our first glimpse of the sun on its big day out (or should that be in?):

First light at Sun ValleyFirst light at Sun Valley













And here's as it started, the dull orange blob of the sun through the lens. 

Glasses at the readyStarting...
















The TV Network, ABC, was at the top of the mountain in Sun Valley broadcasting to the world as the moon crept across the face of the sun.

ABC at Sun Valley for solar eclipseABC at Sun Valley for solar eclipse













ABC at Sun Valley for solar eclipseABC at Sun Valley for solar eclipse














And you could follow it all live on the links below.



NASA LIVE STREAM - Madras,Oregon - Eclipse footage starts at approximately 43:00:

'Official' stands line Main Street in Sun Valley, counterfeit eclipse glasses are out there and lift tickets for Bald Mountain were being touted and re-sold for hundreds more than what a two-hour hike is worth.

On social media locals approached the topic of the astronomical lift-ticket prices, but recognising the commercial realities:

"Man, wish the ticket prices weren't so ridiculously high to ride the lift up for today. $200-$500 is a bit excessive for sure...although I guess you knew where to price it since it sold out back in May," said Nicholas Gerecitano on the resort's Facebook page.

The 2017 celestial event is following a path across the USA with mountain ski resorts in Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming experiencing the eclipse in the totality belt.

Many hundreds of thousands of people are here in the mountains to get the best views.

Our North America reporter, Alex Cove, has also witnessed the eclipse further north in Washington state.


Alex was just out of the zone of totality in the area of Castle Rock.

"The campsites and parking lots are packed and we all have our special glasses so we can see the event.

"It didn't go pitch black but it got much darker and certainly colder as the moon covered part of the sun," he said.

Alex Cove preparesAlex Cove prepares
















"The eclipse is dominating the media and is pretty much all anyone is talking about. Where I am in Castle Rock everyone came out to see it with their glasses on," he added.

And this is what you could see through the glasses:

Small but distinctThe crescent sun













Information and warningsInformation and warnings




















Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse















More than 12 million people live in the 70-mile path of totality. 

Four times that many live within a two-hour drive, and over 200 million live within a day's drive.

Solar Eclipse 2017Solar Eclipse 2017




















See here for more stats and information prior to the event on the preparations and what other ski resorts in Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming are doing.

And once the light retuned to Sun Valley the afterparty began.

Sun Valley PavilionSun Valley Pavilion















The special lift tickets sold out in a day, back in May.

But the eclipse could still be viewed both in the sky and on a big screen on the lawn of the Sun Valley Pavilion.

The River Run Day Lodge hosted a breakfast and the Sun Valley Village had a post-eclipse barbecue from noon to 4pm with live entertainment and family activities.

We're waitingWe're waiting







It's coming...It's comin








Meanwhile there  were even parts of western Europe, including the UK and Ireland, that snatched a sight of the eclipse later this evening.

In Belfast, for example, this partial started at 19:37 BST and ended at 20:23 BST.

Southern England saw the moon take its chunk out of the Sun as it moves over the horizon.

The graphic below comes from the BBC.

Eclipse, 2017Eclipse, 2017













Check back later for further updates from the USA...

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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