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It's not your average ski marketing campaign They often just use pictures of snow and blue sky. This one is political and causing a stir.

The ads and video feature four oversized, 3D words placed at various locations on the slopes of the four local ski areas.

The four words are Love, Respect, Unity and Commit.

The resort is using the campaign to speak out on social, environmental and political issues.

The controversial campaign is designed to get people involved in the debate on major issues of the day and engage in dialogue.

 "We know there will be some criticism of this campaign. We know it's not going to appeal to every person. That's OK," said Skico's Christian Knapp.

 "We want to take a stand and feel the time is right to do that."

The campaign was inspired by an opinion piece by Skico President and CEO Mike Kaplan that ran in local newspapers and on Skico's website on December 27th 2016.

The article was titled "We're Still Here".

It talked about how major parts of then President-elect Donald Trump's platform were at odds with Skico's core values.

Kaplan vowed that Skico would continue to work on climate issues, gay rights, immigrant rights and would welcome people of all ethnicities, genders, races and religions.

And see here for Aspen's decision to expand and take on the mighty Vail Resorts, Aspen marketing campaignAspen marketing campaign

Skico says it is determined to speak out on social, environmental and political issues.

Or it may just be a way to get column inches and appeal to the political values of the type of person that skis in Aspen. 

Aspen marketing campaignAspen marketing campaign

PlanetSKI visited Aspen last winter on its 4-week North America resort.

See here for what we made of the resort:
Aspen, ColoradoAspen, Colorado

And here are the resort's values acording to the four key words:

No one chooses love. It finds you. That's the magic. Aspen fell for Gay Ski Week in the 1970s. Only regret is not finding each other sooner. Only question now is how do we open our hearts even bigger. Not just to people, but to the whole world around us. Love-it's The Aspen Way.
The mountains don't discriminate. Neither do we. Neither should anyone. Ethnicity, religion, race, gender-identity. We're better together. On the mountain, at work, as a nation, as members of the human race. Unity-it's The Aspen Way.
Sometimes respect isn't passive, and means more than leaving things be. Sometimes it means sticking up for something. Like the environment, so the next generation can ski or ride. Or the value of science and the certainty of facts. Or even respect for each other. Respect-it's The Aspen Way.
That knot in your stomach? A sign you're about to do something uncomfortable, risky even. Could be dropping into the halfpipe or riding a chairlift for the first time. Could be heading to a street protest or speaking up when it's not easy. Bottom line: it's always worth it. Commit-it's The Aspen Way.

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