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CairnGorm applies to install new snow-making technology that works in warm temps. It's the second Scottish resort to look at one.

It hopes to ensure slopes open & avoid the troubles of last season.

No snow, a staggered 32-ski-day season and suffering local businesses;

This was Winter 16/17 for Scotland.

In response, CairnGorm Mountain Ltd has applied for a temporary installation of the TechnoAlpin developed Snowfactory.

The resort hopes to trial the unit during peak season, the two months from the end of November through to the end of January.

It will be an opportunity to really understand how the technology performs, review its suitability for the terrain and crucially, gather feedback from skiers and snowboarders.

If this trial is successful then the company will explore introducing the technology on a permanent basis at CairnGorm Mountain.

Scotland's biggest resort Glencoe has launched a crowdfunding campaign to purchase a TechnoAlpin Snowfactory.

Read PlanetSKI's recent report:
And here are the stats on how the crowdfunding is going:

Glencoe Crowdfunding CampaignGlencoe Crowdfunding Campaign

The technology:
  • A containerised, mobile cooling plant
  • Connects to an electricity and water supply
  • Snow is made from small dry ice flakes after cooling water to freezing point
  • Pumped out through a snow outlet pipe
  • Can produce 45 tonnes of snow per day
  • Sprays to a distance of 200m

The trial at Cairngorm, if approved, will be tested on a beginners' area slope.

"Being able to trial the Snowfactory for two months is crucial to understand whether this is a viable option for the resort in the long term," Adam Gough from CairnGorm Mountain Ltd explained.

"If successful then we believe it will noticeably enhance the snowsports experience at CairnGorm Mountain," Gough also said.

SnowSnow making

"The technology looks set to offer skiers and snowboarders a guarantee of snow being available whenever they want to visit," the Head of Business Development with Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) Susan Smith, has said.

"For an outdoor business in Scotland, that could be a real game changer."

The snowThe snow

TechnoAlpin can produce large amounts of snow in temperatures up to 25C.

Unlike conventional snow cannons it can operate in mild, wet and windy conditions.

Perhaps one day we'll summer ski in Scotland.

The Italian manufacturerThe Italian manufacturer

"We have been working with CairnGorm Mountain over the last couple of years to explore different ways we can help to improve their snow making capabilities, and really feel that this technology will make dramatic improvements to Scottish Skiing," TechnoAlpin spokesperson, Wolfgang Hanni, has commented.

Snowfactory launched three years ago and has 20 units in 11 countries.

If successful this will be the first in the UK. 
And the word from Glencoe Mountain:

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