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Skiing is an emotional experienced - joy, pride, excitement & awe. Then there are the others:



The emotions mentioned above are 'positive' feelings.

Other feelings that come up for some when thinking about skiing or doing it might be fear, anxiety and dread.

These would be labelled 'negative' emotions.

p>But are these labels - 'positive' and 'negative' - helpful?


The British Alpine Ski School (BASS), based out in various popular resorts in the Alps, provides us with some great, 'in-touch' reading material related to our favourite sport - as well as the obvious tuition.

Previous articles have looked at what it is that draws us so deeply into the sport.

It asks us what it is we feel out there on the mountain and generally produces some thoughtful insight into the emotions behind the extreme sport.

Above are some previous pieces, and its most recent publication is a study on why these aforementioned emotions are all 'healthy' ones.

The highlights: (so as not to ruin the piece in full)

"Positivity transforms us for the better. Positive emotions allow us to discover and build new skills, new ties, and new knowledge" - writes author Barbara Fredrickson.

Healthy EmotionsHealthy Emotions
















Ski EmotionsSki Emotions















Fear and anxiety felt in the right context are useful.

In a situation of impending danger, for example.

When skiing, these two emotions can be felt for many reasons:

  • busy pistes
  • uncontrolled skiers and boarders
  • avalanche risk
  • injury to oneself
  • Injury to others
  • difficult snow conditions
  • steep slopes

The list goes on...

Now, instead of being negative feelings, this study looks at why it could be considered 'proactive coping', or risk management.

'A certain amount of pessimism is useful in keeping us safe in the mountains and ultimately leads to us making better decisions and having a more enjoyable time.'

Managing fear & anxietyThe process of managing fear & anxiety















The right dose:

Fear and anxiety, whilst not exactly positive, are certainly useful.

By experiencing a range of emotions ... we can become better at managing ourselves.

It all helps us to find a balance.

The aim of skiing, afterall, is fun.

Find our balance of emotions and we can feel all these above positive emotions.

Think of a peaceful place...Think of a peaceful place...








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